Boston Native Mark Wahlberg Says He’ll Speak to Ben Affleck About Why He Wasn’t in Super Bowl Spot

The Boston native is reacting to being left out of the ad that was all about his home city.

Mark Wahlberg is ready and waiting for another chance to star in a Boston-themed ad.

ET’s Kevin Frazier spoke to the 52-year-old actor the same month that Ben Affleck starred in a Dunkin’ Super Bowl ad that featured Boston stars including Tom Brady and Matt Damon, and he reacted to being excluded from the group.

Boston Native Mark Wahlberg Says He'll Speak to Ben Affleck About Why He Wasn't in Super Bowl Spot (Exclusive) | Entertainment Tonight

Wahlberg said he “will actually, of course” speak to Affleck about being left out, before praising the ad to ET.

“It’s pretty damn funny. You know what? I didn’t get the call. Maybe the next time,” he said. “… There’s always a next time. I could be in the sequel. They need the lefty? Just call me. Always on the bench waiting.”

In the commercial, Affleck is joined by his famous friends as they form a new group called The DunKings. The group goes into the studio to show off their musical skills to Affleck’s wife, Jennifer Lopez, and see if she’ll add them to her album.

ET previously spoke to Lopez about the ad and she praised her husband’s vision, saying, “That’s the genius that is Ben Affleck. It has nothing to do with me. I just did whatever he asked me to do, I’m like, ‘Yeah, sure, I’ll be there.'”

Boston Native Mark Wahlberg Says He'll Speak to Ben Affleck About Why He Wasn't in Super Bowl Spot (Exclusive) | Entertainment Tonight

While Wahlberg waits for a call to star in a commercial, he is busy promoting Arthur the King, his new film based on the true story of the captain of an adventure racing team who befriended a wounded stray dog named Arthur, who accompanies the team on a grueling endurance race.

“I was just so moved by it,” Wahlberg told ET when he surprised an audience at a pet adoption fan event screening of the film. “… For this guy to give up something that was so important to him when he was close to save this dog, I just thought people everywhere will respond to that.”

Mark Wahlberg Teases Ben Affleck About Not Appearing in Dunkin' Super Bowl Commercial

Now, Wahlberg said he “cannot wait for people” to see the film, stating, “Honestly, it’s one of those movies that, really, it’s just so inspiring and so heartwarming.

I think it’s really going to make audiences laugh and cry and smile… This has so much wish fulfillment for everybody. It really does play to the entire family.”

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