BREAKING: Cardi B And Sexyy Red Top Stacked Bet Experience Lineup With Nicki Minaj’s S*x Offender Husband Begs Judge To Let Him Join Her On World Tour

Cardi B and Sexyy Red have been named as part of an all-star lineup for the BET Experience, which is set to take place this summer.

The network’s official website made the announcement about the lineup on Monday (April 15), wherein they revealed that the BET Experience will take place from June 26 to June 28, 2024.

In addition to having a full comedy lineup featuring performances from Michael Blackson and Tiffany Haddish, the two female rappers will join the likes of Davido, Gunna, The Roots, Common, Queen Latifah, and the Jungle Brothers for musical performances.

Cardi B and Sexyy Red seem to have a mutual respect.

Back in December, the “Bodak Yellow” rapper was seen twerking in a black bodysuit to Sexyy Red‘s smash track, “Bow Bow Bow (F My Baby Dad).”

At one point, the “Bodak Yellow” rapper looks back at the camera, smiles, and sticks her middle finger his in the air while yelling, “fuck my baby dad!” The unidentified camera person can be then heard saying, “you heard her!”

They also were the victims of near-identical AI scams back in November.

A tweet shared by user NateRuns on November 21 revealed that a digitized version of the St. Louis native’s voice had been used to advertise “free money” — wherein the would-be Sexyy Red claims that “the government be handin’ out stacks to y’all,” in what appears to be a stimulus check scam.

“Ummm does sexyy red know a company is using her voice to steal peoples info???” he wrote.

Sexyy Red quote-tweeted the video and wrote, “My lawyer bout to have a field day.”

Cardi B made legal threats of her own after spotting a video which featured an AI-generated version of the “Bodak Yellow” rapper’s voice saying nearly the same thing as the AI-generated version of Sexyy Red’s voice.

Taking to X (formerly known as Twitter) on November 22, Bardi shared the clip which dubs her fake voice over a real video of her.

“Yo it’s ya girl Cardi and I’ma show you how to put $16,000 in your pocket right now for free!” AI Cardi says in the clip. “So pay attention! The state’s handing out these stacks to every single one of y’all. You don’t even need a job! It’s all part of a stimulus-style program to help Americans get back on their feet. They’re sending out these health spending cards re-loaded with that green every single month!”

In her retweet, Cardi wrote: “AI is crazy smh….another lawsuit that fell right on my lap…I love easy money.”

Nicki Minaj’s Sex Offender Husband Begs Judge To Let Him Join Her On World Tour

Nicki Minaj’s husband Kenneth Petty hoped to join her overseas for her world tour, but he needed a judge to clear the path. According to court documents obtained by AllHipHop, Petty requested permission to travel with his wife in a motion filed on Monday (April 15). He cited childcare as one of the reasons he needed to be with her.

“Mr. Petty and Mrs. Petty believe Mr. Petty is necessary to accompany the family on the tour for various purposes, including childcare,” Petty’s lawyers wrote. “The anticipated travel schedule begins on April 17, 2024 and continues periodically to July 14, 2024. The travel schedule calls for travel to several countries including Canada, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Austria, Ireland, Switzerland and Romania.”

Petty was forced to ask a judge for clearance because he is on probation for failing to register as a sex offender. Minaj’s husband claimed there were no objections to his travel plans.

“The Government has been notified about this application and takes no position on Mr. Petty’s travel request,” Petty’s lawyers wrote. “Mr. Petty’s probation officer has been notified of this application and does not oppose Mr. Petty’s travel request.”

Petty attempted to file his motion for travel under seal. Judge Michael Fitzgerald rejected Petty’s efforts to seal the request.

Minaj’s Pink Friday 2 World Tour heads to Canada this week with overseas dates looming. Petty awaited Judge Fitzgerald’s ruling on the travel request.

“Mr. Petty shall keep his probation officer updated with the details of his travel itinerary as needed,” his lawyers proposed. “At the conclusion of the travel, Mr. Petty must return to Los Angeles County and must check in with his probation officer upon returning. Mr. Petty must also provide an itinerary to his probation officer prior to travel and follow all directives of the probation officer.”

Petty punched a security guard at one of Minaj’s shows in Germany the last time he traveled internationally. The victim sued the couple, but they never responded to the complaint. A default judgment ordered them to pay more than $500,000 to the plaintiff.

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