Cardi B Clashes With TikToker Raymonte Who Called Her ‘Ghetto’ While Talking Brand Deals

Raymonte (via Twitter), Cardi B (via Instagram)

Cardi B and TikTok influencer Raymonte clashed in the streets of Twitter on Wednesday after he questioned why no one calls her “ghetto.”

Raymonte has been a topic of discussion regarding Black influencers securing brand deals compared to their White peers.

Essence wrote an article about it, but Raymonte called out the magazine for its hypocrisy noting they have never invited him to any of their events.

I don’t need a pity party or deep dive into why I’m not ‘marketable.’ Don’t use me as the example when you contribute to the problem,” he wrote on Twitter.

Raymonte Addresses ‘Ghetto’ Chatter

Raymonte took to TikTok to respond to all of the chatter surrounding his behavior and how it may impact his ability to land brand deals.

He denied being labeled as “ghetto” while pointing out that Cardi B doesn’t get the same label when she “doesn’t look like a visible Black woman…is very, very ghetto.”

Raymonte, who prefaced his remarks with a “no shade”, continued: “She’s way ghettoer than me, she’s way hooder, gangster, greasy than me. She was outside with the damn Bloods (gang) and y’all don’t say that this lady is ghetto?! Y’all don’t say that she isn’t marketable.”

Watch the clip below.

Cardi B Responds To Raymonte Calling Her ‘Ghetto’

Cardi B took offense to Raymonte’s assessment of her and stated that she has been and is often still labeled “ghetto.”

The “Enough” rapper reacted writing:

It’s crazy because when I became famous people said I’m ghetto, talked s— about my accent, call me dumb because the way I speak, say I got no couth, talk about my teeth, my braids, my two buns… and to this day no matter what I accomplished I still get called a stripper all because I’m from the ghetto…

People misinterpret me because apparently I’m LOUD AND GHETTO TILL THIS DAY call me a hood rat and all…

When I sat down with Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden they called me a ghetto stripper.

Why is it that y’all gotta use me to make y’all comparisons cause y’all only see the glory but not when I get drag 24/7?


Raymonte responded to Cardi B writing:

Girl why are you getting so mad at the comparison I’m saying you are successful and reached heights that visibly black people ghetto people have a harder time reaching, That act just like you I’m not saying you don’t deserve success or how you act is bad. 

I’m saying that if someone that was my color or darker acts the same way we will never receive the same awards or love your being very dense, Sukihana, Sexxy redd, the City Girls the list go on.

You’ve HAD MAJOR CAMPAIGNS that ghetto black women and men like me will never get it’s deeper conversation I’m not trying to offend you at all to not think you have it easier to be seen as marketable because your lighter is crazy.

From there – the font fight began.

Cardi B eventually wrapped up the dispute by offering Raymonte these words of advice:

Here’s my advice to you Raymonte… IT TAKES TIME!!!

Right now I get brand deals for over $5 million for a campaign…

I got social media famous in 2014…my first brand deal from Fashion Nova was in 2016 and $200 a post.

You could reach any height no matter how ghetto or where you come from.

Just remember the key is to be patient and be humble. Blessings.

He responded, “Thank you wish we could’ve started off like this appreciate it.

See all of the tweets below. (Cardi’s POV and Raymonte’s POV)

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