Carrie Bickmore says she regrets taking her daughter Adelaide, five, to Taylor Swift’s Eras tour concert in Melbourne WHY?

Carrie Bickmore says she regrets taking her daughter Adelaide, five, to Taylor Swift’s Eras tour concert in Melbourne WHY?

Carrie Bickmore says she regrets taking her daughter Adelaide, five, to Taylor Swift's Eras tour concert in Melbourne WHY?


Carrie Bickmore has shared her regret over taking her five-year-old daughter to Taylor Swift’s Australian Eras tour in Melbourne.



The TV star, 43, went to the global megastar’s first concert Down Under at the MCG on Friday night with her daughters Evie, eight, and Adelaide, five.

However, she admitted she has slight regret over taking her youngest daughter Adelaide to the hotly anticipated concert because she slept through the end of it.

Appearing on 2DAY FM’s Hughesy, Ed & Erin on Tuesday, Carrie confessed: ‘I still haven’t worked out if it was a good idea or not.

‘I’ll be honest, the youngest one didn’t last till the end. She did sleep on me for the last hour and a half.

Carrie was jokingly asked whether she considered ‘giving [Adelaide’s] ticket to someone else and letting her sleep on the concourse’ amid sky-high demand for tickets.

Carrie replied with a laugh: ‘Waking up that sleeping lion would not have been a good idea! No security guard would want to deal with her to be honest.

‘The whole time I thought of that to be honest because I had every single person in my life asking for tickets! I kind of wanted the girls to experience it together and I’m really glad I did.’

However, Carrie insisted she is still so glad she took her two daughters – who she shares with her ex Chris Walker – to experience the concert together.

Sue gushed: ‘But until [Adelaide fell asleep], the pure joy I saw in their faces, quite genuinely. Obviously when you go to a concert yourself that you feel passionately about, you feel that joy, but because I like Taylor but I’m not an insane Swiftie like they are, then when I got there, I just got swept up in it.

‘It was phenomenal. I was crying watching them! They know every lyric of every song, it was awesome! Everybody was so generous and friendly and excited, as a crowd goes, it was a really lovely experience.’

As well as her two daughters, Carrie also shares an older son Ollie, 16, with her late husband Greg Lange, who died of brain cancer in 2010.

Over the weekend, Carrie shared videos and photos of her fun-filled night out watching Taylor perform on Instagram.

In the snaps, she showed off her incredible figure in a black bustier top and figure-hugging jeans as she danced the night away.

Carrie completed her stylish ensemble with a pair of studded sandals and toted her essentials in a small black backpack.

She first sported a pair of black shades but later swapped them for bright pink love heart glasses with ‘Swiftie mum’ written across them in white pen.

She smiled from ear-to-ear as she shared an array of photos with her pals outside the MCG as they gathered just hours ahead of the show.

In an accompanying caption, she joked of her outfit: ‘Super Bowl Tay Tay Era. When you’ve been too busy helping your kids with their outfits that you have to improvise on the day.’

Taylor played three shows at the MCG on February 16, 17, and 18 and has now headed to Sydney for four concerts at Accor Stadium on February 23, 24, 25 and 26.

Organisers of the tour have shared their concern about the 15,000 fans who are estimated to arrive at the pop star’s sold out shows despite not having tickets.

Scenes saw hundreds of fans gathering outside the MCG and trying to listen in on the concert, despite not having tickets, as Swiftie mania overran the venue.

Ahead of the Sydney shows, Venues NSW warned ticketless fanatics to stay away from Accor Stadium to prevent crowd management issues, The Daily Telegraph reported.

A spokesperson said fans who missed out on tickets should not try to ‘soak up the atmosphere’ outside, as they likely won’t hear any songs anyway.

Meanwhile, Transport NSW coordinator-general Howard Collins said the city was ‘preparing for the inevitable’.

What we found with other popular music venues where people can’t get tickets, people do just turn up to sort of soak up the atmosphere, and you can’t stop them other than to manage crowds,’ he said.

‘We are not encouraging ticketless fans to attend, but part of our contingency plan is allowing for extra people who may be travelling who haven’t got tickets.’

But despite warnings from the NSW government, businesses are said to be rolling out the welcome mat for all of Taylor’s fans regardless of whether they have tickets.

Business Sydney executive director Paul Nicolaou said: ‘Irrespective of their ticket status, Sydney must put up the welcome sign for the Swifties because they will all make a contribution to our city in some way.’


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