Considered a mutant actor with great talent. Let’s see how many Oscars Nicolas Cage has won and how many times he has been nominated for Hollywood’s biggest awards

Let’s take a look at how many Oscars Nicolas Cage haswon and how many times has he been nominated for Hollywood’s biggest award

Nicolas Cage receives an Honourary Award at the Red Sea International Film Festival closing ceremony. Getty Images

Nicolas Cage is one of the most well-known actors in the film industry. Coming from a family with strong ties to the world of cinema, the actor has delivered performances that have gone down in history. In fact, some of his work has been widely recognized by critics and audiences alike. His accolades include, among others, an Oscar and a Golden Globe, both for his role in ‘Leaving Las Vegas’.

The statuette is the most coveted prize in the film industry. Every year, the best films are presented with the goal of winning as many awards as possible. In Cage’s case, it is worth noting that he has only been nominated twice, and in one of them, he achieved every actor’s dream: winning the Oscar for Best Actor.

Cage has an Oscar for ‘Leaving Las Vegas’

Nicolas Cage

The actor, a direct relative of director Francis Ford Coppola, who is his uncle, already knows what it’s like to win an Oscar. He did so in 1996, when he won the award for Best Actor for his performance in the movie ‘Leaving Las Vegas’. In that film, his portrayal of Ben Sanderson, who spirals into self-destruction after separating from his wife, was highly praised by critics and audiences alike.

In addition to the Oscar for Best Actor, he won the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Drama, the Los Angeles Film Critics Association Award, the Silver Shell at the San Sebastian Film Festival, and the recognition of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts. He had reached the pinnacle of his career.

‘Adaptation’, Cage’s second and last Oscar nomination

Nicolas Cage diz que só deve atuar em 'mais três ou quatro' filmes: 'Adiós'

Throughout his career, Cage has only received two nominations for one of the most important awards in the global film industry. To find out about the other time the Academy decided to put him up for the award that is presented every year in Los Angeles, one must go back to 2003.

After making the movie ‘Adaptation’, the actor was once again nominated for Best Actor. On that occasion, however, he did not win the statuette. Thanks to that film, he was once again in the running for the most important awards, such as the Golden Globe. Despite having won it before, his performance did not convince the jury and he was only nominated. He only received recognition on this occasion from the Toronto Film Critics Association.

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