Discover What Owen Wilson Revealed about Julia Roberts’ Hidden On-Set Hobby. And It Is SOOOOO CUTE!!

Being cast as Julia Roberts’s husband in the film “Wonder” is a career highlight for Owen Wilson akin to receiving a degree from a prestigious institution like Harvard. At the movie’s LA premiere, the actor told E! News how thrilled he was to work with the acclaimed actress, describing the experience as “pretty exciting.”

Wilson, a charming presence both on and off screen, also shared an amusing revelation about his co-star. It turns out Roberts is a secret knitter – an intriguing hobby that Wilson thinks might be quite hip, despite how it might affect her “street cred.”

He may not have received a knitted memento from Roberts, but the opportunity to share screen space with her was an unforgettable experience in itself.

WONDER: Backstage with Julia Roberts & Owen Wilson - YouTube

In a heartwarming twist, the conversation also veered towards Thanksgiving. The holiday season is when food-loving Wilson steps away from the glamour of Hollywood to enjoy quality time with his family in Los Angeles.

The actor, who jokingly refers to Thanksgiving as his favorite “meal” rather than holiday, looked forward to celebrating at home with his famous family, including brother and actor, Luke Wilson.

Julia Roberts Is Mom In 'Wonder,' And In Life NPR, 43% OFF

Despite enjoying annual Thanksgiving “meal” a few times a year, the Zoolander 2 star is more of an eater than a cook, with his culinary skills extending only to whipping up some nachos. But the Wilson clan has, as we can safely assume, a memorable family holiday to anticipate this year.

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