Exclusive: Nicolas Cage Explains Why He Wants To Be In Star Trek, Confirms “Comments” From Paramount

Nicolas Cage is one of the many high-profile celebrities who is also an avowed Star Trek fan. The Oscar-winning actor picked up a Saturn Award on Sunday for his role as Dracula in Renfield. TrekMovie caught up with the prolific Hollywood icon on the red carpet to talk to him about his hopes to be in Star Trek.

Cage wants to be on the Enterprise

Last year, Nicolas Cage told Yahoo that he was not interested in being in Star Wars, explaining  he prefers Star Trek. At the Saturn Awards on Sunday, TrekMovie asked him about this and he elaborated:

“Well, my passion is more Trekkie. I grew up watching Shatner and Nimoy and Bones and those stories on television had a lot of wisdom and socially relevant commentary. So I’ve always been partial to Star Trek.”

Nicolas Cage Doesn't Want To Be In Star Wars, Says He's A Trekkie –  TrekMovie.com

In that 2023 Yahoo interview, Cage praised Chris Pine’s portrayal of Kirk as well, saying he thought the new J.J. Abrams-produced Star Trek movies were “outstanding.” At the Saturn Awards, Cage confirmed that following that interview there were some discussions about him appearing in a new Star Trek movie. Cage told TrekMovie:

“Well, I’ve been hearing some talk about it, but nothing real… Since [the 2023 interview] there was a few comments from Paramount, but who knows?”

When it came down to what kind of role he was interested in, Cage was specific. He wasn’t interested in playing the villain, saying:

“I’d want to be on the bridge. I want to be on the Enterprise. Yeah… Who knows?”

Nicolas Cage at the 2024 Saturn Awards (Photo: Saturn Awards)
Currently, there are at least two active Star Trek feature films in development at Paramount Pictures under producer J.J. Abrams. This includes a direct sequel to 2016’s Star Trek Beyond, which would be the final film featuring the full Kelvin universe cast led by Chris Pine.

There is also a film to be directed by Toby Haynes which “expands on the Star Trek universe,” described as “an origin story.” Maybe there is room for Nicolas Cage in one of those.

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