“I’d always been so biased against Christianity”: DC Star Becomes a Believer, Her Story Would Make Even Mark Wahlberg Proud

DC star Danica McKellar’s story from being a non-believer to finding her way to Christianity can move even Mark Wahlberg.

"I'd always been so biased against Christianity": DC Star Becomes a Believer, Her Story Would Make Even Mark Wahlberg Proud


DC star Danica McKellar’s story of discovering faith and God may earn the respect of even Mark Wahlberg.
During an interview, the Great American Family star reflected on her journey from being a non-believer to someone devoted to God.
Previously, McKellar harbored a bias against Christianity, but a visit to the church and reading the Bible changed everything.
Much like her, Mark Wahlberg occasionally delves into how much his faith impacted his life and offered a world ‘full of opportunity.’

Young Justice star Danica McKellar’s journey in discovering faith can deeply move even the likes of Mark Wahlberg, who’ve never shied away from vocalizing their devotion to God.

The Wonder Years alum revealed in her discussion on ‘Fox & Friends’ a few months back how she navigated her way to Christianity, especially after harboring several preconceived notions.
Danica McKellar as Miss Martian in Young Justice (2010)
Danica McKellar voices Miss Martian in Young Justice (2010). Credit: WB Animation
The 49-year-old also revealed being around the religion in some shape or form but never really having it click for her until one fateful day.

It was friend and former Hallmark Channel star Candace Cameron Bure, who also moved over to the Great American Family network, who brought McKellar to church one day. That was when everything started to fall into place for the actress.

How DC Star Danica McKellar Went From Being A Non-Believer To Becoming Devoted To Her Faith
Danica McKellar in Crown for Christmas (2015). Credit: Hallmark Channel
Danica McKellar in Crown for Christmas (2015). Credit: Hallmark Channel
When she appeared on ‘Fox & Friends’ in December 2023, Danica McKellar was asked to share how she navigated her journey of finding God meaningfully. She shared how Full House alum Candace Cameron Bure taking her to church revolutionized her life. Going from a non-believer to someone who has been quite vocal about embracing Christianity, McKellar also shed light on the bias she harbored against the faith:
“I’ve been around Christianity my whole life in some way, shape, or form. But it never really clicked. And my good friend Candace Cameron Bure … she brought me to church. And all I can say is that something happened. My dad, who found his relationship with God in his 40s, says that the Holy Spirit came to me.”
Her experience at the church made her instantly feel ‘flooded’ with love and understanding.
Danica McKellar in Crown for Christmas (2015)
Danica McKellar in Crown for Christmas (2015). Credit: Hallmark Channel
Continuing, she affirmed:
“I’d always been so biased against Christianity for, um, various reasons mostly because of the bad reputation it’s gotten with causing wars, and you think, ‘Oh, Christians are these really judgmental people,’ and all this religious stuff. The truth is—Jesus was anti-religion … and I didn’t even realize that.”
After seeing a “passion play” with Bure at the church, McKellar felt she ‘suddenly understood’ everything surrounding the faith and what it would subsequently mean to her. The DC Super Hero Girls star also stated that she was reading the Bible in 2023 and intended to finish it by the end of the year.

Danica McKellar also revealed that she aims to ‘share her perspective’ with the world because she had “this very recent memory of being a nonbeliever” and that with no judgment whatsoever, she hopes others could feel the ‘love and peace’ she has been experiencing after finding her faith.

This isn’t the first time McKellar credited Candace Cameron Bure for guiding the former’s journey through faith. On the latter’s podcast, The Wonder Years star reflected on the ‘huge impact’ Bure had on her in 2022. She said the following:
“I don’t even know how to call that friendship. It’s more than that. Because of you helping me to find my relationship with God and Jesus, it’s been like a revolution in my life. It’s been a revelation in my life.”
McKellar also said that the Bible Bure gave her had a vital function in the former’s transformative experience in finding God. Calling the former co-host of The View a “guide” and an “angel,” Danica McKellar publicly thanked Candace Cameron Bure.

Mark Wahlberg Is Also Among Those Vocal About Their Faith In Hollywood
Mark Wahlberg in Father Stu (2022)
Mark Wahlberg in Father Stu (2022)
Mark Wahlberg, a devout Catholic, is well-known for championing his beliefs. He hasn’t shied away from expressing how much his faith has meant to him and how it has influenced his lifestyle. During an interview with TODAY a year ago, the Ted alum explained the significance of the structure and discipline that following his religion has introduced in his life. “That discipline has afforded me so many other things,” he prefaced.

On the subject of being vocal about his devotion to God in an industry where he believes his faith isn’t ‘popular,’ Mark Wahlberg affirmed the need for ‘balance’ and commented the following:
“I don’t want to jam it down anybody’s throat, but I do not deny my faith. That’s an even bigger sin. You know, it’s not popular in my industry, but, you know, I cannot deny my faith … I have friends from all walks of life and … types of faiths and religions. So … it’s important to respect and honor them as well.”
Much like Danica McKellar, who wishes to share her experience in hopes of allowing others to bear the rewards of ‘love and peace’ that her faith has offered, Mark Wahlberg asserted in a separate interview (via Fox News) how in extending his perspective, he believes others could find the better versions of themselves, just like he has.
“[The faith] part of the discipline has really afforded me all the other wonderful things in my life, my family, my career, being able to turn my life around … Once I [became] more disciplined … the world became full of opportunity. So, I want to share that with people. Just being the best versions of themselves.”
Mark Wahlberg starred in the 2022 faith-based biographical drama film ‘Father Stu,’ which saw him portray Stuart Long, an amateur boxer-turned-Catholic priest. According to Business Insider, Wahlberg discovered Long’s story of redemption through the church when looking for a story that could convey his Catholic faith.

With the story, he saw parallels in his own life and decided to do the honor of immortalizing Long’s legacy through film. More than a usual gig, it became a meaningful project, which led to him self-financing and putting ‘millions and millions of dollars’ into it.

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