Julia Roberts’ Mind Is BLOWN After Discovering Her REAL Last Name

Julia Roberts, the beloved Hollywood actress known for her roles in movies such as Pretty Woman, Erin Brockovich, and Steel Magnolias, recently had her mind blown when she discovered her real last name. In an interview with a popular talk show host, Roberts revealed that her birth name is NOT actually Julia Roberts, but rather Julia Fiona Roberts.

Roberts explained that she learned of her real last name while applying for a passport. As she was filling out the application form, she came across a section where she had to provide her full name, including her real last name.

It was at this moment that she realized her last name was not Roberts, but Fiona. This revelation left her stunned and amazed.

The actress went on to share that she was named after her father, Walter Grady Roberts, who passed away when she was just a child. She expressed her gratitude for her mother’s decision to change her last name to Roberts after her father’s death, as she believed it allowed her to continue his legacy.

Roberts’s discovery of her real last name has brought about a mixture of emotions for the actress. On one hand, she feels a deep sense of connection to her father and a renewed understanding of her own identity.

On the other hand, she also feels a bit baffled and surprised that she had gone her entire life not knowing her true last name.

In conclusion, Julia Roberts, one of Hollywood’s most renowned actresses, was taken aback after discovering that her real last name is Fiona. This revelation has brought about a range of emotions for Roberts, highlighting the importance of family and personal identity.

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