Julia Roberts Opens Up About Feeling Upset Over Negative Comments on Instagram about Her Appearance

Julia Roberts, renowned Hollywood actress, has disclosed her feelings of being “hurt” by negative comments about her appearance on Instagram.

Julia Roberts și-a deschis cont de Instagram

The actress, known for her iconic roles in films such as “Pretty Woman” and “Erin Brockovich,” opened up about the impact these hurtful remarks had on her. Despite her stellar career, Roberts has faced criticism and judgment regarding her looks on social media, which deeply affected her.

In the world of social media, where people freely express their opinions, celebrities often find themselves at the receiving end of both praise and criticism.

Roberts, who joined Instagram in 2018, admitted that negative comments about her looks had a significant impact on her. The actress confessed that she was initially unaware of the hurtful comments until someone made her aware of them, and the realization deeply upset her.

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Acknowledging that it is easy for people to say cruel things hiding behind the safety of a computer screen, Roberts revealed that she found it difficult not to take these remarks to heart.

Being a public figure for decades, she has experienced people having opinions about her work, but this was the first time she confronted the criticism regarding her appearance on a personal level.

Roberts highlighted the depth with which society is obsessed with women’s physical appearances. As a prominent actress in her fifties, she felt disheartened by the double standards and ageism prevalent in society.

Society tends to scrutinize the appearances of older women more than their male counterparts, as is evident from Roberts’ experience.

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The actress shared her coping mechanism, which involves relying on advice from her husband and close friends. She emphasized the importance of a supportive network that uplifts individuals during challenging times.

Furthermore, Roberts expressed gratitude for the positives in her life, emphasizing that she tries to focus on the kindness and love she receives, rather than dwelling on negativity.

Roberts’ openness about her vulnerabilities resonated with many on social media, sparking conversations about the impact of hurtful comments and the unrealistic beauty standards imposed on women.

Her experience shed light on the detrimental effects of online criticism, encouraging individuals to consider the potential harm their words may cause.


In conclusion, Julia Roberts revealed her hurt over negative comments regarding her appearance on Instagram. Despite her fame, the criticism deeply affected her, highlighting the society’s obsession with women’s physical appearances.

Roberts shared her coping mechanism and the importance of a supportive network. Her candidness has sparked conversations about the impact of hurtful comments and unrealistic beauty standards, encouraging reflection on the potential harm online criticism may cause.

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