Julia Roberts Opens Up about Her Enchanting Collaboration with Jacob Tremblay in ‘Wonder’

Julia Roberts recently expressed her adoration for working alongside the exceptionally talented Jacob Tremblay in the film ‘Wonder.’ The actress shared her thoughts exclusively, highlighting the reasons why the experience was so enjoyable.

Wonder (2017)

The Oscar-winning actress, Roberts, gushed about her experience of working with Tremblay on the set of ‘Wonder.’ The film, released in 2017, follows the story of a young boy named Auggie Pullman who faces the challenges of attending a mainstream school for the first time with facial differences.

Roberts praised Tremblay’s exceptional talent and described him as a “radiant being” and a “gifted young soul.” She expressed her admiration for his impressive acting skills, noting that he possesses a maturity beyond his years.

According to Roberts, Tremblay’s ability to bring depth, heart, and humor to his performance made their on-screen chemistry truly remarkable.

MOVIE REVIEW: 'Wonder' touches the heart without overdoing it emotionally –  Daily Local

The actress emphasized the importance of Tremblay’s role in the film, as Auggie Pullman’s journey is at the heart of the story. She acknowledged his talent in embodying the character and capturing the essence of Auggie’s resilience, growth, and vulnerability.

Roberts revealed that working alongside Tremblay helped her deliver a more authentic performance, as his commitment and professionalism elevated the quality of the entire production.

Additionally, Roberts praised Tremblay for his remarkable work ethic and praised his ability to maintain a positive attitude on-set. She described him as a generous and supportive co-star who showed immense love and respect for everyone involved in the film.

Roberts highlighted how Tremblay’s positive energy created a joyful and nurturing environment for all cast and crew members.

Moreover, Roberts expressed her belief that Tremblay’s incredible talent and personality have made him an influential role model for young actors and individuals alike. She commended his ability to convey emotional depth while also maintaining a sense of innocence and wonder. Roberts described Tremblay as a “magical person,” stating that his presence on set was genuinely transformative.

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In conclusion, Julia Roberts held Jacob Tremblay in high regard while discussing their collaboration on the film ‘Wonder.’ She praised his talent, professionalism, and positive energy, highlighting how these qualities contributed to the success of the project.

Roberts expressed her admiration for Tremblay’s ability to bring depth and authenticity to his performance, making their on-screen chemistry truly special.

Overall, it is evident that Roberts thoroughly enjoyed working with Tremblay and recognized the significant impact he had on the film and those involved in its production.

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