Julia Roberts Praises Husband Danny Moder for Being Their Family’s ‘Anchor’ ‘Captain of Our Ship’

Julia Roberts, the renowned American actress, has expressed her admiration for her husband, Danny Moder, in an interview. Roberts lauded Moder for being the rock of their family and serving as their “anchor” and “captain.” The couple has been married since 2002 and has three children together.

Roberts described Moder as her “favorite human” and credited him for being the steady force that keeps their family together. She highlighted the crucial role he plays in maintaining their family’s happiness and stability. Using maritime metaphors, Roberts emphasized that Moder is not only the anchor, but also the captain of their ship, guiding them through the ups and downs of life.

Julia Roberts Praises 'Anchor' Husband Danny Moder

The couple prefers to keep their personal lives private; therefore, this rare compliment from Roberts sheds light on the strong bond they share.

Despite their high-profile careers, they have managed to prioritize their family unit and support one another.

This public recognition of Moder’s contributions comes as a reminder of the importance of having a stable and supportive partner in a successful relationship.

Roberts’ words demonstrate her deep appreciation for the role Moder plays in their family life, and the respect and admiration she has for him.

In summary, Julia Roberts has publicly praised her husband, Danny Moder, for being the solid foundation of their family. She acknowledged his role as the anchor and captain, guiding them through life’s challenges.

This testament to their strong bond emphasizes the significance of a stable and supportive partner in building a successful and happy family.

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