Julia Roberts Sets The Record Straight On Ryan Gosling’s Ken

Julia Roberts has just shed some light into her honest thoughts about Ryan Gosling’s Ken.

Julia Roberts sets the record straight on Ryan Gosling’s Ken

The star weighed in on everything during one of her most recent chats with People magazine.

For those unversed, the chat originated during an intimate dinner hosted by Chopard at the Château Marmont in Los Angeles on Friday.

Currently Gosling is prepping for his upcoming Oscars performance of ‘I’m Just Ken’ at the Academy Awards stage.

Referencing it all, and her thoughts about the role, Roberts claimed, “I met Ryan recently, a few times, and when you bring such dimension to a performance, it’s remarkable.”

Especially since “Barbie was so unique and new.”

Julia Roberts Praises Ryan Gosling's 'Dimension' in Barbie; Actress Calls  His Performance As 'Remarkable' | LatestLY

Before concluding she also touched on the ‘craziness’ that follows actors, once the award season hits, especially after having won an Oscar for Best Actress in 2001 (for Erin Brokovich) she offered some sage words of advice to anyone feeling the same in 2024.

She started by saying, “You just have to embrace it all, almost like a sporting event, as you’re going through it.”

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