Julia Roberts Takes on Matchmaking Duty for Garcelle Beauvais! (Exclusive)

Julia Roberts is determined to help her friend, Garcelle Beauvais, find a romantic partner. The actress expressed her interest in playing matchmaker during an interview. Roberts is known for her successful marriage to Danny Moder and wants to help Beauvais find similar happiness.

Julia Roberts Wants to Play Matchmaker for Bravo's Garcelle Beauvais

In an exclusive interview, Julia Roberts revealed her desire to assist her friend, Garcelle Beauvais, in finding love. The Hollywood icon, who has been happily married to Danny Moder for almost two decades, expressed her interest in playing the role of matchmaker for Beauvais.

Roberts spoke about the importance of genuine connection and finding the right partner. She emphasized that everyone deserves to experience the joy and fulfillment that comes from a healthy and loving relationship. Roberts believes that Beauvais, who is currently single, deserves to find someone who will make her happy.

Real Housewives' Garcelle Beauvais takes swipe at Lisa Rinna | TV & Radio |  Showbiz & TV | Express.co.uk

The interview shed light on the strong bond between Roberts and Beauvais, who have been friends for a long time. Roberts described Beauvais as someone who is always there for her and shares a deep connection with her. She praised Beauvais’ character and beauty, stating that she is an incredible woman who deserves to find love.

Roberts also acknowledged the challenges of finding a partner in the modern dating world, particularly for mothers who prioritize their children. She understands the difficulties faced by single parents when it comes to carving out time for dating. However, Roberts believes that Beauvais, as a strong and dynamic woman, has the ability to balance her personal and professional life while finding a companion.

Julia Roberts Wants to Help 'Real Housewives' Star Garcelle Beauvais Find a  Boyfriend (Exclusive) | Entertainment Tonight

The prospect of Roberts playing matchmaker for Beauvais has sparked excitement among fans. Roberts, who is known for her charisma and charm, has an undeniable ability to bring people together. Her offer to find Beauvais a boyfriend showcases her caring and nurturing nature, as she wants to see her friend happy and fulfilled in a romantic relationship.


In conclusion, Julia Roberts has expressed her desire to aid her close friend, Garcelle Beauvais, in finding true love. Roberts, who has had a successful marriage herself, understands the importance of a loving and supportive relationship. The interview highlights the genuine connection between the two actresses and Roberts’ belief that Beauvais deserves to find happiness. Fans eagerly await to see if Roberts’ matchmaking skills will lead to a successful romantic connection for Beauvais.

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