Mark Wahlberg told to “start growing your moustache” in preparation for Uncharted sequel

The script for the movie has supposedly arrived, suggesting that it won’t be long before significant news starts pouring out.

Uncharted 2': What It Would Take For Mark Wahlberg To Make, 58% OFF

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The Uncharted movie was a bit of a mixed bag. The film seemed to do relatively well at the box office, but received middling reviews at the same time.

Still, this hasn’t seemed to sway Sony and PlayStation Productions from wanting to return to the franchise, even if the lack of conversation surrounding a sequel has been limited and near non-existent for years.

However, this could all be changing soon, as Mark Wahlberg has revealed to Screen Rant that the studio behind the film has asked him to start growing his moustache to return as Sully, and that the script for the movie has arrived.

Uncharted 2': What It Would Take For Mark Wahlberg To Make, 58% OFF

“Actually, I just got a call today that they got the script in. I can’t grow a real beard and moustache, but they said, ‘Start growing your moustache. It’s gonna take awhile.'”

It’s unclear whether this means we’ll start hearing casting news and whatnot in the coming months or whether the script will need to be edited and adjusted further before the film enters production, but either way it’s a promising update on a film that we have heard very little about for a long while.


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