Mark Wahlberg’s Equestrian Daughter Draws Inspiration From Olympic Medalist Jessica Springsteen, Kent Farrington, and More As Her Idols

Mark Wahlberg proudly acknowledges his daughter Grace’s remarkable discipline, surpassing even his own. At 13, she aspires to be an Olympian in equestrian sports, motivating Wahlberg, who only adopted such dedication in his 30s due to work.

Grace’s passion for riding and recent accolades overshadow Wahlberg’s experiences, as he admits watching her compete is more intense than any nerve-wracking event, including the Super Bowl. Amidst her achievements, Wahlberg gears up for his upcoming movie releases, ‘Arthur the King’ and ‘The Family Plan.’

She always celebrates her success with her followers. However, while the young sensation is still concentrated on building her career, it does not hinder her from interacting with fans. In a recent interaction when fans inquired about her idol, the 13-year-old girl responded with heartfelt compassion, demonstrating the bond she shared with her fans.

Grace Wahlberg’s inspirations in equestrian sports

During an ‘Ask Me Anything‘ session on Instagram, Grace was asked, ‘Who’s your idol?‘ Her response was captivating: ‘I have a lot, but they are my favorites of favorites.‘ She mentioned several names, including @JessicaSpringsteen, @MclainWard.Official, @Francie_Xoxo, @LillieCKeenan, @AvaDecaster, and @TeamKPF.

The popular nature of equestrian sports extends to children of celebrities such as Jessica Springsteen, and Jennifer Gates, among others. One of these enthusiasts is Grace Wahlberg who commenced her course at an early stage and considers Jessica Springsteen as her role model.

Notably, Springsteen is a renowned showjumper who bagged silver in the 2020 Tokyo Games. She represents the idea that hard work leads to results even when one has name recognition.

Mark Wahlberg’s revelation of Grace’s Olympic equestrian aspirations

Mark Wahlberg recently revealed his 13-year-old daughter Grace’s fervent ambition to excel in the equestrian world. The renowned actor expressed his pride in Grace’s dedication, acknowledging her discipline that even surpassed his own at a young age. Wahlberg shared her lofty aspiration, saying, “She wants to be an Olympian,” highlighting her independent commitment to this pursuit.

Through social media platforms, Wahlberg and his wife, Rhea Durham, have demonstrated unwavering support of Grace’s equitation pursuits. Durham took this opportunity to celebrate his daughter’s achievements on a national level.

It's Really Hard”: Mark Wahlberg's Equestrian Daughter Can't Hide Her True Feelings About F1 Drivers - EssentiallySports

Parents are always excited when they see their successful offspring. The couple sustains Grace’s passion for riding by constantly posting updates on her social media pages celebrating memorable moments like birthdays and participating in various equestrian events.

Beyond Grace’s pursuits, Mark Wahlberg and Rhea Durham are devoted parents to their other children: sons Brendan and Michael, as well as a daughter named Ella, underscoring their continual support and engagement in encouraging each child to pursue his or her passion.

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