Mark Wahlberg’s Insane Workout Schedule Starts at 2:30. In the Morning.

You’ve officially lost every excuse for not waking up early to work out.

Mark Wahlberg just revealed his daily schedule on Instagram, and reader, it’s going make your head spin. The 47-year-old Mile 22 actor wakes up at 2:30 in the morning – I repeat, 2:30 in the morning – to get ready to hit the gym.

Photo credit: Instagram/Mark Wahlberg

Now we understand how Wahlberg gets those unbelievable shoulders and abs. His typical day involves two workouts, four meals, three snacks, and one recovery session in a cryotherapy chamber. Somehow, he still has time to get his work done.

Photo credit: Instagram/Mark Wahlberg

Photo credit: Instagram/Mark Wahlberg

It makes sense that Wahlberg says he’s workout out twice a day. Back in July, the actor revealed he was kicking his workouts up a notch to train for an upcoming movie. (Fans believe Wahlberg was referring to The Six Billion Dollar Man, his sci-fi action slated for a 2019 release.)

“Cellar is about to close, and gym is about to open for two-a-days,” he wrote alongside an Instagram video of a sled push workout. “New training for upcoming movie. Big weekend at @wahlburgers on Sunset, West Hollywood.”

And we always knew Wahlberg was one for the pre-sunrise workout. He loves to post videos from his early-morning gym sessions, like this one, from 4 a.m.

“It doesn’t matter what time it is, as long as we put in the work!” he wrote in another September post. Guess he was feeling bad about working out at 7 instead of 3:40 a.m.

What a slacker.

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