Nicolas Cage and his ex have never met their twin granddaughters, 3, as feud with daughter-in-law gets uglier

Nicolas Cage’s eldest son Weston Coppola Cage and ex Christina Fulton are suing Hila Arounian

NICOLAS Cage and his ex Christina Fulton have never met their young twin granddaughters as a family feud continues to grow, The U.S. Sun can exclusively reveal.

The Oscar-winning star, 59, and actress Christina, 56, have not spent any time with the three-year-old daughters their son Weston Coppola Cage shares with his ex Hila Arounian.

Nicolas Cage and then-girlfriend Christina Fulton are seen at the Rocky V premiere in West Hollywood, California, in November 1990
Nicolas Cage and then-girlfriend Christina Fulton are seen at the Rocky V premiere in West Hollywood, California, in November 1990Credit: Getty

Hila Arounian is seen with daughters Cyress and Venice, who she shares with Weston Coppola Cage
Hila Arounian is seen with daughters Cyress and Venice, who she shares with Weston Coppola CageCredit: Facebook/hilacc

Weston Cage Coppola and Hila Aronian are seen at a premiere in Hollywood, California, in January 2020

Weston Cage Coppola and Hila Aronian are seen at a premiere in Hollywood, California, in January 2020Credit: Getty

Christina claims it is part of a “quiet, horrible nightmare” that her Hollywood family has endured over the last three years.

She alleges that Hila has created a “hostile environment” – including a request for a restraining order against her seeing the kids that was dismissed earlier this year – making it impossible to establish a relationship with the twins.

Weston, 32, and Hila, 40, married in 2018 and had daughters Cyress and Venice at the height of the pandemic but shortly after went through an ugly split and are currently divorcing.

The U.S. Sun can reveal that earlier this month both dad-of-four Weston and Christina brought separate defamation lawsuits against Hila in Los Angeles.

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Court documents show that mother and son are seeking unspecified damages from Hila for allegedly carrying out a smear campaign against them through a blog, a media outlet, and social media.

In the docs, Christina accuses Hila of spreading “malicious lies” that she encouraged her son to take the anti-anxiety drug Xanax and sleep naked in bed with her until he was 17.

Christina also accuses Hila of manipulating Weston into filing a restraining order against her in July 2020, shortly after the twins were born.

That case was dismissed the following month after Weston did not show up in court.

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Christina claims that Hila had given Weston an ultimatum, threatening that if he did not file the restraining order against his mother he would not be able to see their kids.

The defamation suit alleges that this came after Christina found that Hila had embezzled $100,000 from her son while he was in recovery for mental health issues.

Christina also claims that Hila filed for a restraining order against her and Weston earlier this year under false pretenses before it was rejected by a judge.

Meanwhile, Hila previously alleged in a spousal support case against Weston earlier this year that National Treasure star Nicolas had not kept a promise to help her look after the twins.


Christina, who runs her own beauty business, told The U.S. Sun: “Hila is stonewalling the entire family with her smear campaign.

“She has created a hostile narrative and environment that makes it impossible for the family to see or have a relationship with the children both privately and publicly.

“As a classy, respectful Hollywood family we are appalled and shocked at how Hila could do something like this.

“There are no words for what she has done. As a mother herself, I fail to understand how she can cause so much disgrace and hurt.

“It is devastating not to see these kids. Nicolas and I haven’t been able to meet our two beautiful little granddaughters at all since they were born.

“We’re in a quiet, horrible nightmare. It’s insane, painful, hurtful, devastating.

“I have a beautiful relationship with my two little boy grandchildren and my son has a beautiful relationship with his boys.

“Not meeting the girls is painful, hurtful, and shocking.

“As parents, Nicolas and I try to be the president and stay focussed, but this continued onwards for many years.

“(Hila) was working on Nicolas too, it wasn’t just me.

“This has not been easy for our family. These lawsuits are the last thing we wanted to do but over time we realized we have to stand up for ourselves.”

Former model Christina began dating Nicolas in 1988 and the couple had Weston together two years later.

Weston is a former heavy metal musician who also followed in his parent’s footsteps to become an actor.

He made his debut alongside Cage in the movie Lord of War in 2005.

Weston married musician Nikki Williams in 2011 before splitting with her and wedding second wife Danielle Cage in 2013.

He and Danielle welcomed sons Lucian in 2014 and Sorin in 2016 before splitting that year.

He married Hila in what was described as a “rocker meets boho-themed” ceremony at a sprawling estate in Canyon Country, California in April 2018.

The wedding was attended by Weston’s legendary filmmaker great-uncle Francis Ford Coppola and Rocky actress great-aunt Talia Shire but Nicolas was not present as he was overseas shooting a movie.


Christina’s defamation lawsuit against Hila alleges: “When the two married in 2018, Weston’s family did not fully understand Arounian’s nature.

“As time went on, Ms. Fulton and her other family members began to observe that Arounian was increasingly emotionally abusive, manipulating Weston and exerting undue influence upon him.

“Over the years, Arounian drove wedges between Weston and his other family members, coercing him into driving his own family members away while Arounian exerted further control and undue influence on him.

“Arounian eventually used her influence as the mother of his children as leverage to take advantage of Mr. Cage Coppola’s vulnerability while in recovery for mental health issues, and embezzled over $100,000 from him while he was in recovery.”

Hila declined to comment when reached by The U.S. Sun.

But in court documents filed in May in the spousal support lawsuit she bought against Weton, she stated: “(Weston) and his family have thus far not taken any active involvement in the children’s lives either emotionally, physically or financially.”

The U.S. Sun also reached out to representatives for Nicolas Cage asking for comment but did not hear back.

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Weston Coppola Cage said in a statement sent to The U.S. Sun: “I have been a target of defamation for my entire life.

“I’ve stayed quiet but now that I am facing the worst traducement and defamation yet I will be taking immense and aggressive action.”

Weston Coppola Cage and his mother are seen at an event in Los Angeles, California, in October 2008
Weston Coppola Cage and his mother are seen at an event in Los Angeles, California, in October 2008Credit: Getty

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