Nicolas Cage Can’t Believe Disney Hasn’t Yet Called Him for National Treasure 3 After Disappointing Sequel Series

National Treasure 3 has still not seen the light of day and Nicolas Cage is speculating on the reasons behind this.

“I’m still kind of amazed”: Nicolas Cage Can’t Believe Disney Hasn’t Yet Called Him for National Treasure 3 After Disappointing Sequel Series


Despite 2 successful films, Nicolas Cage’s National Treasure franchise is still to see a 3rd film materialize.
The Oscar winner expressed surprise and believed that the joy and appeal of the films definitely warranted another narrative.
While a script is said to be in place, there are reports that Disney+’s various commitments could be deterring the production giant from taking the film forward.

Over the years, Hollywood star Nicolas Cage has proved that he can walk the fine balance between commercial success and critical acclaim.

The Oscar winner has impressed audiences across the globe with his versatility in performing challenging roles while lighting up the screen in true blue blockbusters. One of the most popular franchises that Cage was the talisman of was National Treasure.

Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage in National Treasure
The Leaving Las Vegas star was the protagonist in 2 films in the action-adventure series between 2004 and 2007, which saw excellent returns at the box office.

While the franchise expanded into a television series, Cage was never called back to star in a highly anticipated 3rd film, which has still not materialized. The Con Air actor expressed surprise regarding this and spoke about the reasons behind the 3rd film not being taken forward.

Nicolas Cage Gets Real About National Treasure 3

In 2004, Nicolas Cage gave one of his biggest commercial hits with National Treasure. This action-adventure heist film features Cage as a historian who is in search of an important lost treasure, which he must find using a map hidden on the back of the United States Declaration of Independence. The film made great box office numbers and cemented the Oscar winner’s place as a bonafide commercial star.

Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage expressed surprise that a 3rd National Treasure film has still not been made
The success of National Treasure prompted Walt Disney Pictures to create a sequel in 2007. National Treasure: Book of Secrets went on to become an even bigger hit, bringing in $459 million worldwide to the original’s $347 million.

Surprisingly, a 3rd film featuring Cage which was expectedly on the cards has still not seen the light of day fifteen years after the sequel. Expressing his love for the franchise and his surprise on the film not being taken forward yet, the Ghost Rider star said in an interview to Deadline,
“I’m still kind of amazed that Disney hasn’t wanted to make a third one. I thought the movies brought a lot of joy to the public, and it’s certainly interesting about history, and I think all of that is worthwhile filmmaking.”
It is likely that Cage’s sentiments on the film is being echoed by all fans of the actor. While reports point to the shifting priorities of Disney+ as one of the factors behind the lack of development of the 3rd installment, other information from sources indicate that a script is in place.

The television series National Treasure: Edge of History being shelved after one disappointing season could also be at the back of Disney’s mind in determining the future of a 3rd National Treasure film.

What Does Nicolas Cage Feel About Being an MCU Star?

It is common knowledge that Nicolas Cage has a Marvel studio connection, having played the role of the demonic superhero in Ghost Rider. But his association has never extended beyond this character to the world of the MCU, though fans will agree that he is tailor-made for the franchise.

The actor had different opinions about this possibility and believed that Marvel did not require his presence. When questioned about the possible reason for this, the Con Air star said in a chat with Variety,
“I’ve gotta be nice about Marvel movies because I named myself after a Stan Lee character named Luke Cage. What am I going to do, put Marvel movies down? Stan Lee is my surrealistic father. He named me. I understand what the frustration is. I get it. But I think there’s plenty of room for everybody.
Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage in Ghost Rider
When pressed about the exciting thought of maybe seeing Ghost Rider in the MCU, the star oozed confidence with an iconic reply.
I don’t need to be in the MCU, I’m Nic Cage.”
While Ghost Rider has traditionally not been part of the MCU, there were unconfirmed speculations that the character could find his way into the franchise. If this indeed happens, then Nicolas Cage fans will be ecstatic to witness their favorite celebrity as an MCU star.

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