NICOLAS CAGE once ate 2 live cockroaches while filming vampire’s kis. The film crew had to “cheat” with an animal rights group that the babies after the filming were still alive and well.

Vampire’s Kiss is an American horror and black comedy film released in 1988, directed by Robert Bierman. The film revolves around Peter Loew (played by Nicolas Cage), a successful but crazy eccentric who believes he has turned into a vampire after being bitten in the neck by a female vampire.

Nicolas Cage reveals he ate live cockroaches for a movie and regrets it •  PhilSTAR Life

Sharing in an interview with Yahoo Ent, Nicolas Cage revealed that he ate two live cockroaches during filming. Initially the script only required him to eat a raw egg, but Cage convinced the director to change it to eating a cockroach.

“I really wanted to do something that shocked the audience, something that they would never forget after watching,” the actor added.

Hollywood News | Nicolas Cage Vows to Never Eat Cockroaches Again | 🎥  LatestLY

The film crew prepared very carefully for this scene. Producer Barbara Zitwer asked them to consult a doctor before filming to make sure Cage wouldn’t get sick. In addition, the film crew also had to “cheat” with an animal rights group that the scene was fake, and the “little strong” kids are still alive and well .

Years later, Nicolas Cage regretted his decision. He apologized and affirmed that he “will never do that again”.

Really top-notch courage =)))

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