Nicolas Cage’s Critically Acclaimed 2023 Fantasy Comedy Finally Gets Streaming Release Date

Nicolas Cage’s critically acclaimed 2023 dark fantasy comedy movie Dream Scenario finally gets its long-awaited streaming release date on Max.

Nicolas Cage standing in bright headlight glare, waving mysteriously, in a scene from Dream Scenario


 Nicolas Cage’s movie Dream Scenario is coming to streaming on March 15, 2024.

 Fans can finally enjoy the fantasy comedy from the comfort of their own homes.
 After a 2023 theatrical run, Cage’s Dream Scenario is ready for its streaming debut.

Nicolas Cage’s critically acclaimed 2023 fantasy comedy movie Dream Scenario finally gets a streaming release date. The ever-busy Cage wrapped up his 2023 with his best film of the year, an offbeat, dark comedy about a mild-mannered college professor who mysteriously begins showing up in people’s dreams, and becomes a worldwide sensation. Released last November, the movie delighted critics to the tune of a 91% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes, while pulling in a respectable $8.7 million at the specialty box office.

Now home audiences can enjoy Cage’s strange A24 movie Dream Scenario, as Max has set a March 15, 2024 streaming release date for the film (via Collider).

Dream Scenario Is Cage’s Best Movie Since Pig

Nicolas Cage smiles while conversing in Dream Scenario

The famously prolific Cage released a whopping five movies in 2023, including the major studio horror-comedy Renfield, along with a handful of smaller films of varying degrees of quality (while also starring in an unfortunate cameo in The Flash). Among that output, Dream Scenario is by far the stand-out, and indeed is the actor’s best film since 2021’s Pig.

Cage’s 2023 saw the actor working in several different, familiar modes, delivering over-the-top silent movie theatricality in Renfield, and doing his pulpy wild man routine in Sympathy for the Devil and The Retirement Plan.

Dream Scenario, on the other hand, offered Cage a chance to tone things down and hit the melancholy notes he played so effectively in Pig, when he portrayed a grief-stricken recluse whose story is ultimately tragic.


Nicolas Cage Is Unrecognizable in Dream Scenario Image, A24 Comedy Will  Debut at TIFF 2023 - IMDb

There’s tragedy to Cage’s Dream Scenario character too, as his bizarre predicament unfolds over the course of the story. The movie’s premise sets up some strange comic moments, but things eventually go very dark, as Cage’s nebbishy Paul Matthews goes from being a whimsical, harmless presence in people’s dreams, to a troubling one.

The movie has plenty to say about the present state of the culture too, as Matthews faces the wrath of the public, and streaming audiences will get a chance to drink it all in when the oddball fantasy comedy movie hits Max in March.

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