Nicolas Cage’s New Apocalyptic Film Arcadian Reveals Trailer Ahead of SXSW

Nicolas Cage cruises with his two sons through an apocalyptic wasteland in his newest film Arcadian.

Nicolas Cage's New Apocalyptic Film Arcadian Reveals Trailer Ahead of SXSW

Nicolas Cage has long been embraced by fans who thrive on the actor’s truly unique swagger and craft, and lately, he’s been keeping himself plenty busy with several new projects.

One of them is a new apocalyptic survival thriller called Arcadian, which is getting its its World Premiere at SXSW Festival on March 11th and opens exclusively in theaters on April 12th. You can check out the trailer above and more information about the film below:

Arcadian, previously titled Sand and Stones, is directed by Benjamin Brewer, who also led visual effects on the award-juggernaut Everything Everywhere All at Once (2022). That alone entails a high degree of promise for this project.

Arcadian' – First Look at Nicolas Cage in Post Apocalyptic Creature Feature  - IMDb

Michael Nilon, who has worked with Cage on multiple other films, wrote the script. Starring alongside Cage in this new film are Jaeden Martell (ItKnives Out), Maxwell Jenkins (Reacher), Sadie Soverall (Saltburn), Samantha Coughlan (Kingsman: The Golden Circle), and Joel Gillman (The Frankenstein Chronicles). The official synopsis reads as follows:
“In a near future, normal life on Earth has been decimated. Paul and his two sons, Thomas and Joseph, have been living a half-life – tranquility by day and torment by night. Every night, after the sun sets, they face the unrelenting attacks of a mysterious and violent evil. One day, when Thomas doesn’t return home before sundown, Paul must leave the safety of their fortified farm to find him. A nightmarish battle ensues that forces the family to execute a desperate plan to survive.”

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