Nicolas Cage’s Son Wes Cage Unleashes Solo Single “The Wolf”: Stream

Wes Cage, the son of actor Nicolas Cage, has unveiled a new solo song titled “The Wolf,” along with an accompanying music video.

The younger Cage is no stranger to music, having fronted the black metal band Eyes of Noctum. He also released a solo single titled “Tell Me Why (Matriarch of Misery)” back in 2014.

Nicolas Cage’s Son Wes Cage Unleashes Solo Single “The Wolf”: Stream

In the video for “The Wolf,” Wes gets to show off his own acting chops. As he explained in a press release, “I play the two contrasting incarnations of the same character.

His lower self, in his case, is one of destitution, zero self-control, addiction, oblivion and failure, while his higher self is depicted through a being who is of power, elevation, awareness, organization and overall success. Both forces live in us all.”

He continued, “The music we’re doing is part of my essence and always needed to be released. Lyrically, ‘The Wolf’ touches on the dichotomy between the higher and lower selves.

One represents strength, intelligence, organization, responsibility; the other, destitution, failure, depression, sadness.”

Per the press release, “The Wolf” marks a new chapter for Wes, both musically and as a person:

“By his own admission, battles with addiction once saw him digging his own grave. An advocate for recovery who went to the depths of despair and emerged that much stronger, Cage’s music speaks with a wisdom beyond his years, shaped by hardened experience.

Now a dedicated family man in his early 30s, Cage embarks on a courageous new chapter, creating ambitious hard rock no less lacking in authenticity or edge but designed to connect on a bigger scale. His music is equal parts reflective and inventive, with hooks that resonate with diverse crowds.”

Nicolas Cage's Son Wes Cage Abandons Black Metal on Solo Song

Wes has credited his famous father with influencing his taste in music, telling Journey of a Frontman [via Blabbermouth] in 2014, “My dad has always liked Nine Inch Nails; that was always on in the house.

He listens to a lot of Rob Zombie. He was also playing a lot of classical music such as Beethoven, Bach, Mozart and Chopin.

All these outstanding composers were playing throughout the house. I think that’s maybe what molded me the most and brought me to wanting to compose.”

“The Wolf” was co-written with Breaking Benjamin guitarist Keith Wallen. The song is the first release as part of Wes’ new label deal with Pavement Entertainment.

Watch the video for “The Wolf” below.

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