Nicolas Cage’s wasteful life and debts in his later years

Once an expensive Hollywood star, Nicolas Cage  is said to be facing the most difficult period of his life when he has to repay debt due to his wasteful lifestyle.

Nicolas Cage's wasteful life and debts in his later yearsNicolas Cage had trouble leading a lavish lifestyle. Photo: Xinhua
At the peak of his career, Nicolas Cage’s salary was up to 20 million USD for a movie he participated in. Nicholas Cage was also voted by Forbes magazine as one of the highest-paid actors of all time, peaking at earning $40 million in 2009 alone.

With a fortune of about 150 million USD, Nicolas Cage can completely enjoy a rich and comfortable life for the rest of his life without having to work hard.

However, recently, the information that the male actor was having financial difficulties and had to act in films to pay off his debt surprised many fans. Many opinions say that Nicolas Cage’s wasteful lifestyle and poor financial management caused him to face unnecessary difficulties.
Nicolas Cage used to be the most expensive face of Hollywood cinema.  Photo: XinhuaNicolas Cage was once an expensive face of Hollywood cinema. Photo: Xinhua
Besides, the failure of films starring Nicolas Cage caused the actor’s career to decline. The images that audiences remember of Nicolas Cage are just drunken drinking parties or a series of love scandals.

According to the male artist himself, he is facing a large tax debt as well as having to pay hospital bills to support his mentally ill elderly mother. This adds up to make Nicolas Cage deadlocked and at a dead end in life.

Nicolas Cage’s only choice right now is to accept many films, even with the smallest remuneration he has ever had in his career so far. For male actors, they will not care about whether their salary is high or low, but the important thing is to continue working and have more money to cover daily expenses.

Nicolas Cage blames real estate crash, not luxury lifestyle for  multi-million dollar debt | Entertainment News | Onmanorama

The actor also affirmed that, although he encountered difficulties at this stage, he never had to rely on anyone’s support. “I still love my job and want to continue sticking with it. Although there are many things to worry about right now, I believe I will overcome this challenge” – Nicolas Cage said.

This coming April, Nicolas Cage will return with the movie “The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent” about his own life. Sharing about this film project, Nicolas Cage revealed, “This can be said to be my most favorite film. It most accurately mentions what I have been through and that is also what I want the audience to understand more about me.”

Nicolas Kim Coppola, 58 years old, is a famous American actor and filmmaker. Having loved acting since childhood, N/icolas Cage left high school very early and pursued an acting career. The American actor’s career path is quite favorable when participating in many quality works.

Among them, Nicolas Cage won an Oscar in the category “Best Actor” for his role in the movie “Leaving Las Vegas” (1995) and many other prestigious awards.

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