Offset reveals Cardi B’s terrible armpit o.d.o.r: I swear you’ll faint if you carry her (video)

She recently cancelled a series of shows after suffering from complications following liposuction and a boob job.

But Cardi B was back in action again on Sunday, when she took the stage during Hot 97 Summer Jam at the MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

The I Like It rapper, 26, put on a very raunchy display as she writhed and twerked up on stage in a scantily-clad ensemble.

Cardi appeared to be in top form as she entertained audiences wearing a skimpy yellow look which put her newly-enhanced figure front and centre.

Despite her recent break the star was ready to rock, giving it her all as she moved to the music with her backup dancers.

After peeling off a revealing tie-up top, Cardi continued to show off her figure wearing a shimmering yellow bikini which barely covered her full front.

As the retired stripper paraded around the stage she put her toned center and legs on display wearing matching hot pants with nude fishnets underneath.

She accessorised with diamond bracelets, huge hoop earrings and bedazzled sneakers.

Paying attention to detail, she even performed with a gilded mic which matched her ensemble.

Never one to shy away from an outrageous hairstyle, Cardi’s locks were painted in a combination of gold, orange, and pink with a flash of silver framing her face.

After performing a number of rousing renditions of her hits, the star welcomed a surprise guest on stage.


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