OMG: Keeping them guessing: Chelsea Handler shows off a picture of her in bed with 50 Cent-be

They have repeatedly claimed that they are not a couple but do actions speak louder than words?

Comedienne Chelsea Handler just posted a picture to her Twitter account showing her in bed with Curtis Jackson aka 50 cent.Although the pair appear fully clothed, Chelsea is planting a big kiss on the rapper’s cheek as he lies on top of her with a big grin on his face
Keep them guessing: Chelsea Handler posted this picture to her Twitter with the caption ‘I don’t know why anybody thinks I would date a rapper’


She wrote a caption to the picture saying:’I don’t know why anyone thinks i would date a rapper!’

The couple, both 35, were first spotted together at the beginning of October enjoying a cosy date night at the Blue Nile Jazz Club in New Orleans.

They were then seen several more times together in the following weeks including a romantic seaside lunch in Malibu and attending a friend’s birthday party together.

At the time Chelsea took to her Twitter to dispel the reports saying: ‘Everyone, calm down. I met with Mr. Cent about a potential project. There’s nothing to report yet, I’ll let you know if there is.’

Maybe this newest tweet is the report she was referring to.


The pair met in November 2009 when he appeared in her E! Television chat show, Chelsea Lately.

Hidden couple: The pair met in 2009 and were spotted getting cosy together at the beginning of October in New Orleans

Here is the more details of other websites which are showing results : ”

PHOTO: 50 Cent & Chelsea Handler Snapped In Bed Together!

The hilarious Chelsea Handler recently interviewed with Esquire where she discussed her her first book “My Horizontal Life: A Collection of One-Night Stands.” and her “little” affair with 50 cent. On 50, she explained:

“We were friends. We’re not friends really anymore. I haven’t spoken to him in a while… We had s’ex. It was fun.”

I love her out of control': Chelsea Handler's ex beau 50 Cent posts topless  photo of his former flame on his Instagram account | Daily Mail Online

She briefly referred to a current boyfriend (not 50 cent) whose name (or penis size) she would not mention. She later said that she is not interested in settling down and becoming a mother at any time and that she enjoys going on random vacations with large groups of her family and friends. It looks like there will be no Handler babies any time soon, especially not with 50 Cent! Anyway, her latest book “Lies that Chelsea Handler Told Me” is out now. You can buy it here. Read the entire interview here.

Chelsea Handler shows off a picture of her in bed with 50 Cent | Daily Mail  Online

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