On the left is Keanu Reeves – and on the right is also Keanu Reeves!

Thought it was two people, but both of these images are Keanu Reeves.The image on the right is an image of Keanu Reeves in the movie Bill & Ted Face The Music. Did you create a practice session to improve? Are not. That’s a costume.

Whoa! First teaser for Bill & Ted Face the Music drops, is most excellent |  Ars Technica

Faithful to the characteristics that the previous two films created, the 2020 version of Bill & Ted has content that is not too difficult to understand, it is still extremely humorous based on its own absurdity and sweet seriousism. .

The most interesting idea of ​​Bill & Ted Face the Music is that the two main characters meet many different versions of themselves when traveling to the future. In particular, the meeting with Bill and Ted with muscular shoulders, tattoos, and extreme ferocity in prison as well as the expressions of the 2020 version of Bill and Ted will definitely make everyone laugh until it hurts. whole belly.

Besides, the plot of the two daughters returning to the past and gathering legends like Jimi Hendrix, Mozart… into a band is also quite interesting. Bill and Ted shoulder muscle version Above all, the biggest plus point of the movie is the optimism emanating from Bill and Ted no matter what situation or difficulty they are in.

Bill & Ted Face the Music: Chuyến phiêu lưu ngọt ngào của tuổi trung niên |  Galaxy Cinema

For someone, this positivity may be an illusion, but at least this helps us not to give up right when the adventure has just begun. At this time, when the world is suffering from devastation from the Corona pandemic as well as weather changes, political instability and economic pressure, Bill – Ted has returned and gives us hope. hope.

When we work together to change reality in a positive way, nothing is lost. The lessons this pair of best friends bring will always be valuable over time.

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