Reflecting on Matthew Perry: Julia Roberts Reminisces about Her Memorable Friends Cameo (Flashback)

In a recent flashback, Julia Roberts has remembered her guest role on the hit TV show Friends, specifically her experience working with Matthew Perry. The actress opened up about her time on the show and the bond she formed with Perry during their scenes together.

Julia Roberts Speaks On Ex Matthew Perry's 'Heartbreaking' Death & Her  Brief Role In Friends - Perez Hilton

Julia Roberts appeared on Friends during its second season, playing the character of Susie Moss, a childhood friend of Chandler Bing, portrayed by Matthew Perry. The episode, called “The One After the Superbowl,” originally aired in January 1996.

Roberts reminisced about her time on the show during an interview with Variety, stating that she was ecstatic to be a part of the iconic sitcom. She also expressed her admiration for Perry, praising his comedic timing and skills as an actor.

She described working with him as a “blast” and noted that his talent made the experience even more memorable.

During the episode, Susie seeks revenge on Chandler for a childhood playground incident where he accidentally pulled her skirt down, revealing her underwear to a group of their peers.

As a way to pay him back, Susie invites Chandler on a pretend romantic date only to embarrass him at the end. The storyline allowed Roberts and Perry to showcase their comedic chemistry, which made the scenes entertaining for both the actors and the audience.

Did Julia Roberts Forgive Matthew Perry Before He Died?


Roberts revealed that she and Perry had a great time filming the episode and that their friendship extended beyond the set. She fondly recalled being invited to Perry’s house for Thanksgiving and spending time with his family. It seems that their connection and camaraderie on and off-screen made the guest role experience even more special for both actors.

Julia Roberts also acknowledged the incredible success of Friends and its enduring popularity. Even after all these years, the show continues to resonate with audiences globally. Roberts shared her appreciation for being a part of the Friends phenomenon, describing the opportunity as a “highlight” of her career.

Overall, Julia Roberts reflected on her memorable guest appearance on Friends and the delightful experience of working with Matthew Perry. Her admiration for Perry’s talent and the joy they found in collaborating on their scenes shines through her recollections.

The article highlights the enduring popularity and impact of Friends while capturing the essence of Roberts’ sentiments towards her time on set.

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