Sold $18,000 shoes to Stephen Curry

Sold $18,000 shoes to Stephen Curry

The person who “sold $18,000 shoes to Stephen Curry” gave the Warriors star shot his own game-worm Nike shoes back.

A cousin of Stephen Curry gave him a wonderful present for Christmas. Someone on Instagram who goes by the nаme “BannedSF” said that they paid $6,800 for a pair of Stephen Curry’s game-used Nike Hyperfuse “SC30” shoes in December. He put the shoes for sale on Instagram and got a call from the cousin of the Golden State Warriors star, who paid $18,000 to get them from BannedSF.


Curry’s cousin bought the shoes so that they could be given back to the Warriors star. So eager were the family to get the shoe back to Curry that the seller said the family flew him out to San Diego to make the deal happen.


Curry and BannedSF had worked together before. The two-time NBA MVP gave the business owner in San Francisco an autographed shirt that said “BannedSF, best plug in the Bay!” When someone helps other people get shoes and clothes that are rare or hard to find, they are called a plug. Curry’s message on the shirt makes it sound like the Warriors star asked the seller to help him buy some rare sneakers and was nice enough to give him a gift in return.

Curry now has the shoes back. Since he wore them when he was rising through the NBA ranks, it makes sense for him to keep them.


The time Stephen Curry spent with Nike

When fans saw Stephen Curry in Nike shoes on Instagram, they were confused. After all, the Warriors star’s nаme is now linked to Under Armour. And before he signed his $4 million-a-year deal with UA in 2013, Curry played for Nike from 2009 to 2013. The youngster was signed to a four-year deal by the company, and they were seen on the court wearing their shoes.


He wore the Nike Hyperfuse “SC30” version during the 2012–13 season. The shoes that BannedSF sold to the warriors star’s cousin were from Game 3 of the 2013 NBA playoffs, when the Warriors played the San Antonio Spurs in the Western Conference semifinals.


Curry had 16 points, 8 rebounds, and 2 assists by the end of the game. The Warriors lost 102–92. The Spurs b𝔢at them in six games and moved on to the Western Conference playoffs, even though Curry had some great games throughout the series.


During the off-season, Nike made Curry an offer worth $2.5 million a year to stay with the company longer. But Under Armour made a $4 million-a-year offer to the Warriors star. Curry asked Nike to match the offer, but they said no because he wasn’t a big star and had been hurt before.


The person from Nike who talked to the Curry family also said Stephen’s nаme as “Stephon,” which made things even worse. And the fact that one of the presentation slides was meant for Kevin Durant instead of Steph is the icing on the cake.


Curry became one of the biggest stars in the game after Nike made their choice, so it was a bad choice. It was the first time that all of the voters chose the same player as NBA MVP. He also led the Warriors to four titles in eight years. Since Curry joined Under Armour, the company’s yearly sales have grown by 2.5 times. He agreed to a new $215 million, nine-year deal with Under Armour and was given stock in the company.



Curry took a big r𝔦sk when he turned down Nike’s offer and signed with a brand that not many people knew about. It paid off hugely. It all happened because Nike made the huge mistake of not seeing how good Curry could be as a player.

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