Taylor Swift Says She Is ‘Stunned’ by 3rd Sydney Eras Tour Crowd: ‘This Feels Like a Hallucination’

Taylor Swift Says She Is ‘Stunned’ by 3rd Sydney Eras Tour Crowd: ‘This Feels Like a Hallucination’

Swift, 34, performed her third Eras Tour show in Sydney, Australia, on Sunday

Taylor Swift performs at Sydney Accor Stadium


Taylor Swift is overwhelmed by the love from Sydney fans!

On Sunday, Swift, 34, took a moment during her third show at Sydney’s Accor Stadium to share her stunned reaction at the roaring reception she received after performing her song “Champagne Problems.”

In a video posted on X (formerly Twitter) of her reaction, Swift looked out into the crowd in disbelief as she told the audience, “This feels like a, like a hallucination I’m having.”

“This is honestly … you guys … I don’t know if I’ve known this level, that you’re on,” Swift said, appearing to refer to the crowd’s energy, prompting the stadium to erupt in cheers. “I might be in uncharted territory here. I’m very happy about it. I’m just stunned. Thank you so much!” she added.

Taylor Swift performing in Sydney

Swift was “stunned” at her fan reception during her third Sydney show Sunday.DON ARNOLD/TAS24/FOR TAS RIGHTS MANAGEMENT/GETTY

Swift’s reaction comes after sharing her excitement at the warm welcome she received from her fans during her second show in Sydney on Saturday.

In a video and posted on X, Swift told the 81,000 concertgoers, “Ah Sydney, you are just … right off the bat you’re making me feel so … just extraordinary right now.”

During Sunday’s show, Swift surprised fans with more new mashups of her songs. She performed her 2023 track “Haunted” with 2020 song “Exile,” and 2023’s “Is It Over Now?” with her 2014 hit,  “I Wish You Would.”

Taylor Swift performing in Sydney

Swift shared her shocked reaction to the crowd during the concert.DON ARNOLD/TAS24/FOR TAS RIGHTS MANAGEMENT/GETTY

Swift previously performed song mashups on Saturday during the surprise section of her second show of her Eras concert in Sydney. The surprise songs section is a tradition during each of her Eras Tour shows, where Swift includes two acoustic tracks from her past 10 albums, ones not on her main setlist.

In a video posted from Saturday’s concert on X, Swift performed a mashup of her 2017 single, “New Year’s Day” and 2020 song “’Peace” on a piano onstage. She also performed her 2006 song “Should’ve Said No” and 2008 hit “You’re Not Sorry.”

Swift’s Saturday night show was attended by actress Rebel Wilson, while on Friday, the singer’s boyfriend Travis Kelce, who flew into Sydney on Thursday to support the singer before jetting back to the U.S. afterward, was in the audience.

Kelce, 34, was joined by Swift’s friends Katy Perry, Rita Ora and her husband Taika Waititi, who also attended Friday.

Swift performs her fourth and final show in Sydney on Monday night, local time.

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