Taylor Swift: The disgusting act that left several seats Melbourne concert abandoned for hours – as fans question why so many areas were empty

Taylor Swift: The disgusting act that left several seats Melbourne concert abandoned for hours – as fans question why so many areas were empty

Taylor Swift: The disgusting act that left several seats Melbourne concert abandoned for hours - as fans question why so many areas were empty


It was the show Down Under Swiftie fans have been counting down the sleeps for.


Taylor Swift: The disgusting act that left several seats Melbourne concert abandoned for hours - as fans question why so many areas were empty

But thanks to one drunken concert goer, Taylor Swift’s massive gig at the Melbourne Cricket Ground on Friday got off to a horrible start for some fans.

The thoughtless Swiftie threw up on several seats, leaving vomit in an area fans had paid hundreds for.

Fans who had booked the ruined seats had to wait two hours before the disgusting mess could be cleaned up reported news.com.au on Saturday.

According to the report, the incident occurred at 7pm, but it wasn’t until after 9pm that the Swifties were able to return to their seats after standing by for the area to be scrubbed clean.

And by then, Taylor was well into her set.

‘We had to stand in areas near the seats for the majority of Taylor because they took two hours to find someone to clean it up,’ an eyewitness said. ‘It stunk.’

Taylor Swift made history performing to her largest ever crowd on the first night of her Eras Tour in Australia, but some observant ‘Swifties’ have questioned why so many stadium seats were empty.

Fans who were lucky enough to score a seat at the sell-out show took to social media to share images of hundreds of empty seats throughout the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

Taylor Swift hit the stage just after 7pm on Friday night for the first show of her Australian leg of the tour to a staggering crowd of 96,000 concert goers.

‘My name is Taylor and I’ll be your host this evening,’ she said as she kicked off the highly anticipated show.

‘Losing my mind at there being 96,000 people here. This is the biggest show that we’ve ever done.

I’m fully starstruck by the fact so many people wanted to hang out with us on a Friday night in Melbourne!’

But one disappointed music fan posted a series of images revealing nearly two whole sections of the stadium were empty during the performance.

The images also showed dozens of other empty seats scattered throughout the stands.

‘A bit upset to see so many empty blocks of seats,’ she posted on Facebook.

‘I hope they are empty for a good reason.’

Some social media users suggested the images were simply taken before the star took to the stage and people had arrived.

However, former Triple M radio announcer James Anderson shared images of during Swift’s performance which showed hundreds of empty seats.

‘Pictures just in: Empty seats spotted for tonight’s Taylor Swift concert. Ticketek are firing up the queue system shortly,’ he said in a Facebook post.

Swifties who missed out on seeing the sell-out show voiced their disappointment, with many suggesting they would be happy to sit in seats with obstructed views just to hear the singer live.

I would sit behind the stage, just to be there,’ one fan wrote.

‘I would totally sit in those seats … They are better than nothing,’ another commented.

‘I could be sitting there!’

One mother commented the photos were ‘so sad when I’ve almost had to sell my soul to try and get tickets for my two girls ages 11 and 10 with no luck’.

Other Tay Tay fans were quick to reason with disappointed Melbourne fans, telling them it was a ‘full house’ by the time Swift took the stage.

‘It was chocka, only some obstructed areas were empty,’ one concert goer commented.

‘There are also capacity restrictions for the venue. Seats can’t just be filled because they’re there and empty,’ another user reminded desperate fans.

‘(The stadium) was packed to the brim, no empty seats when she came on,’ another social media user reassured distressed fans.

‘Pretty much nothing would be visible from those seats.’

Others noted that some empty sections belonged to MCG package ticket holders, who were taking part in a sit-down dinner until 7pm and before filling up the stands.

‘The MCC did a pre-event dining experience so a lot of people may be there,’ a commenter said.

Thousands of diehard fans will once again flock to the MCG on Saturday and Sunday as the Melbourne leg of the tour continues.

Swift will perform four shows at Sydney’s Accor Stadium next week.


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