The Cleveland Indians Did Something Very Odd With Nicolas Cage

The team hid images of Cage in 39 lineup graphics in 2019

The Cleveland Indians Did Something Very Odd With Nicolas Cage
Nicolas Cage speaks onstage during the 2020 Film Independent Spirit Awards. (Tommaso Boddi/Getty)

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Last season, the Cleveland Indians took Face/Off star Nicolas Cage’s mug and hid it 39 times in graphics of their lineup that they shared before games on social media.
Look in the center of the sunflower tattoo on ace Mike Clevinger’s arm and you’ll see what the Indians were talking about.

One fan with a lot of time on his hands (just like the rest of us), Anthony Fusco, was able to take Cleveland up on its offer to complete the hunt for Cage and found all 39 examples.

Cleveland retweeted Fusco’s tweet, so a letter of congrats should be headed his way. As for why the Indians chose to pull off this sort of stunt or specifically picked Cage to be the face of it, that’s unclear.

He isn’t from Cleveland and isn’t really known to be a huge baseball fan or have any connection to the Indians. In fact, the only team he’s been linked to at all in recent years is Cleveland’s division rival, the Minnesota Twins.

In 2018, Cage took a photo with former Twins infielder Eduardo Escobar while they were both in Puerto Rico. Escobar, who now plays for the Diamondbacks in Arizona, posted the photo on social media.


According to City Pages, “Escobar uses Cage films – which include classics like Con AirFace/Off, and Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance – to assist with learning English.”

Escobar is from Venezuela.

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