The Family Plan Movie Review: Mark Wahlberg’s Film Is A Missed Shot At Action-Comedy Brilliance

Before you decide to watch it, check out our detailed review of The Family Plan, starring Mark Wahlberg, Michelle Monaghan, and others.

The Family Plan Movie Review Rating: 

Star Cast: Mark Wahlberg, Michelle Monaghan, Zoe Margaret Colletti, Van Crosby, Said Taghmaoui

Director: Simon Cellan Jones

Producer: David Ellison, Dana Goldberg, Don Granger, Mark Wahlberg, Stephen Levinson
The Family Plan Movie ReviewThe Family Plan Movie Review Out! (Picture Credit: IMDb)
What’s Good: Mark Wahlberg‘s performance is a standout, seamlessly transitioning between action and comedy. The chemistry between Wahlberg and Michelle Monaghan is palpable, contributing to the film’s likability. The concept of a family thrust into unexpected action adds a unique twist to the narrative.

What’s Bad: The film suffers from tonal inconsistencies, struggling to balance its comedic and action elements. Excessive and frenetic editing in the action scenes hampers their effectiveness. The script, while introducing entertaining concepts, falls short in execution, leaving some subplots feeling aimless and disconnected.

Loo Break: The poorly edited action sequences might provide a suitable moment for a quick bathroom break, especially if you find the jarring cuts distracting.

Watch or Not?: Despite Wahlberg’s charismatic performance, “The Family Plan” falls short of delivering a cohesive and engaging experience. If you’re a fan of the lead actors and don’t mind a predictable plot with scattered laughs, it might be worth a watch for casual entertainment.

‘The Family Plan’ follows the life of Dan, a former assassin turned suburban family man, as he navigates a sudden threat that forces him to reveal his hidden past and relocate his family to Las Vegas. The film attempts to blend action and comedy as Dan confronts his former colleagues and protects his loved ones.
The Family Plan Movie ReviewThe Family Plan Movie Review Out! (Picture Credit: IMDb)
The Family Plan Movie Review: Script Analysis

David Coggeshall’s script for ‘The Family Plan’ grapples with an identity crisis, attempting to blend the genres of action and comedy but falling short in execution.

While introducing entertaining concepts, the script struggles to establish a convincing split persona for the protagonist, Dan, resulting in tonal inconsistencies that hinder the film’s potential. The plot twists and subplots, including Dan’s son harboring a secret life as a video game streamer, feel forced and contribute to a disjointed narrative.

The lack of giddy absurdism, expected in an action-comedy, leaves the film leaning more towards a formulaic shoot-’em-up, and the attempts at humor often come off as superficial. Overall, Coggeshall’s script fails to fully capitalize on the intriguing premise of a former assassin navigating family life, leaving the audience with a sense of missed potential.

The script’s inability to provide a convincingly split persona for Dan, coupled with its forced subplots, highlights a fundamental challenge in translating the intriguing premise into a cohesive and engaging cinematic experience.

The Family Plan Movie Review: Star Performance

Mark Wahlberg’s star performance stands out as a testament to his versatility as an actor. Known for seamlessly navigating between action and comedy genres, Wahlberg brings a confident and ever-prepared demeanor to his portrayal of Dan, a former assassin turned suburban family man.

Despite the script’s limitations and tonal inconsistencies, Wahlberg’s charismatic presence anchors the film, elevating it beyond its shortcomings. His ability to effortlessly switch between the roles of a schlubby car salesman and an alpha ass-kicker adds layers to the character, even if the script fails to fully embrace the farcical potential of this duality.

Michelle Monaghan, as Dan’s wife Jessica, complements Wahlberg‘s performance effectively, injecting moments of genuine emotion into the narrative. Despite the script rendering their children somewhat unlikable, Wahlberg and Monaghan manage to form a believable family unit on screen.

The chemistry between the lead actors, intentionally sweet and a tad awkward as required by the plot, adds a human touch to the film. Additionally, the supporting cast, including the children portrayed by Zoe Colletti and Van Crosby, delivers commendable performances that contribute to the overall appeal of the family dynamic.

While Wahlberg’s talent shines through, the film’s star performance isn’t solely reliant on him. The committed ensemble cast collectively brings a sense of enjoyment to ‘The Family’ despite the movie’s struggle with an identity crisis and tonal inconsistencies.
The Family Plan Movie ReviewThe Family Plan Movie Review Out! (Picture Credit: IMDb)
The Family Plan Movie Review: Direction, Music

Director Simon Cellan Jones, primarily known for his work in television, faces challenges in bringing a distinctive cinematic experience to The Family Plan.

While the film showcases expected glossy action scenes, the direction falls short of creating a cohesive rhythm or a sense of snap in the narrative. Excessive and frenetic editing in the action sequences hampers their effectiveness, rendering some of the film’s pivotal moments unintelligible.

The lack of a consistent pacing throughout the setpieces contributes to an overall feeling of impersonality, preventing the audience from fully engaging with the protagonist’s journey. While Jones infuses the film with expected fluorescence during climactic Vegas showdowns, the overall direction lacks the finesse needed to elevate the movie beyond its formulaic elements.

On the musical front, The Family Plan features an unremarkable score that adequately complements the film’s tone without standing out. The music serves its purpose in enhancing certain scenes, but it doesn’t contribute significantly to the overall impact of the movie.

The lack of a memorable or distinctive musical motif reflects a missed opportunity to use music as a tool to enhance the viewing experience. In contrast to the film’s charismatic performances, the unremarkable musical backdrop fails to leave a lasting impression or elevate the emotional beats of the narrative, contributing to the overall sense of mediocrity in the production.

While Simon Cellan Jones attempts to navigate the challenges of bringing an action-comedy to the screen, his direction in The Family Plan falls short of delivering a memorable cinematic experience.

The music, while serviceable, lacks the innovation needed to enhance the film’s emotional resonance. Together, the direction and music contribute to the overall impression that the movie aligns with expectations for a streaming release but fails to distinguish itself in a crowded landscape.

The Family Plan Movie Review: The Last Word

The Family Plan is a missed opportunity for a lively action-comedy. Despite charismatic performances and a unique premise, the film falters due to tonal inconsistencies, poorly executed action sequences, and a lackluster script. It aligns with expectations for a streaming movie but leaves viewers with the impression of minimal effort in its creation.

The Family Plan Trailer

The Family Plan was released on 15 December 2023.

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