The ‘Script is in’ for the Mark Wahlberg and Tom Holland PlayStation Sequel No Gamer Wants

The Uncharted franchise finally made its way to the big screen last 2022 and was considered a success by Sony’s standards and is now hailed a franchise according to Tom Rothman.

"Start growing your mustache": The 'Script is in' for the Mark Wahlberg and Tom Holland PlayStation Sequel No-one Wants From Hollywood


The Uncharted sequel’s script is good to go.
Mark Wahlberg will be sporting the iconic mustache.

The Uncharted franchise finally made its way to the big screen last 2022 and was considered a success by Sony’s standards and is now hailed a franchise according to Tom Rothman.

Sequels and spinoffs are definitely up for grabs, and given the success of the first entry and Mark Wahlberg’s update, production may be well underway. After being stuck in development hell for years, one could only hope that future installments will have a smoother production.

Despite getting mixed reception from both critics and fans alike, the first film directed by Ruben Fleischer managed to generate $400 million at the box office.

Tom Holland also has respect for the IP after becoming a fan during the production of Spider-Man: Homecoming which made his athleticism a huge factor for his casting and the film evolves around a younger Drake which serves as a loose prequel from the original storyline.

Uncharted Sequels are inevitable

PlayStation, Uncharted 2, Sony, Mark WahlbergUncharted 2 could be more accurate than the first film.
Wahlberg recently shared that the studio has called him and hinted at growing the iconic mustache, which was heavily missing from the majority of the first film which caused an outrage from die-hard fans for being inaccurate.
“I was happy to take the pounding”: Tom Holland’s ‘Uncharted’ Injuries While Mark Wahlberg Let His Stunt Double Do All His Work Are Nothing to be Laughed at
Though he sported the mustache towards the end credits of the film which resembled the beloved character, fans still have mixed feelings about his casting knowing he was meant to portray the main character, Nathan Drake, in the original pitch but unfortunately time took a toll on the production and direction.

Originally released for the PS3, the Uncharted games were always depicted as a cinematic, globe-trotting, interactive movie which made members of the community about the need for a live-action adaptation.

The recent entries like Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and spin-off title Uncharted: The Lost Legacy look spectacular already, even got remastered for the PS5 and ported to PC.

Sony values their IP and wants to share it with the world in a much more accessible format. Naughty Dog worked alongside PlayStation Productions and Columbia Pictures to achieve that goal.

PlayStation’s Uncharted jumping into Hollywood territory
PlayStation, Uncharted 2, Sony, Mark Wahlberg, Tom HollandUncharted has been promoted from a video game series to Hollywood’s newest cash cow.
Heavily influenced by Hollywood films like Indiana Joneswhich is getting the AAA video game do over on rival console: the Xbox, developers were able to replicate the feel of being on an adventure.

Though the first movie had issues from a film standpoint, it is quite difficult to deny that they were able to replicate the same feel as well in just a less spectacular adaptation.

Uncharted 2: Bản cập nhật của Mark Wahlberg là một tin tức đáng hoan nghênh dành cho những người hâm mộ cuồng nhiệt vẫn có thể đổi nhượng quyền bất chấp nhiều lời chỉ trích

The silver lining here is that surely the filmmakers have taken notes and will avoid making mistakes from the previous film and draw closer to the source material without necessarily having to be a straight-up copy.

Tom Holland has the star power and Mark Wahlberg has the optimism to fully drive the future of the Uncharted franchise in the right direction for the fans and lift the Hollywood curse. What do you think? Are you likely to watch the sequel? Let us know in the comments!

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