The theories behind Nicolas Cage’s mysterious pyramid tomb in New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – New Orleans cemeteries are famous for their architecture and for the famous people who are buried there. Did you know in one cemetery, you’ll find a tomb of a celebrity who is very much alive?

St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 is home to Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau, and one day movie star Nicolas Cage plans to call it home too.

In 2010, 50-year-old Cage decided he wanted his tomb in this famous cemetery.

Rob Florence,  Author and Tour Operator for Historic New Orleans Tours said Cage bought the tomb around the same time two of his famous homes — The LaLaurie Mansion and Our Lady of Perpetual Help Chapel were foreclosed.


Nicolas Cage Visits His Pyramid Tomb with Mystery Woman

“There’s a theory that they can’t foreclose on a tomb,”  Florence said.

Many theories surround Cage’s tomb which reads, “Omni Ab Uno” which is Latin for “Everything From One”.

“One of his most famous movies called ‘National Treasure’, well there’s a picture of a pyramid on the movie poster, but that seems far too simplistic as to why he built this tomb.

Another theory is that he prescribes to the beliefs of the illuminati, that’s what some people have said.  I’ve also heard he did it to shelter money inside the tomb too.  I’m sure you could fit 3 full-size caskets in here,”  Florence said.

Nicolas Cage is spotted visiting his own pyramid-shaped tomb with mystery  woman | Daily Mail Online

Nicolas Cage has never made a public declaration as to why he bought the pyramid-shaped tomb.

“He’s a strange guy.  I don’t know if we really need a reason or explanation,”  Florence said.

No exact explanation is necessary for visitors who are just fascinated by the architecture of Cage’s tomb.

“He’s a strange guy. I don’t know if we really need a reason or explanation”

“I think it’s fascinating, all the folklore, the talk of The Illuminati, the fact that he hasn’t talked about it just adds to the romance of the cemetery, Uriah Duffy, a musician and visitor to the cemetery, said.

Nicolas Cage spotted visiting his own New Orleans tomb with mystery woman |  London Evening Standard | Evening Standard

“It definitely is different than the other tombs and it stands out quite considerably.  I’m not really sure why he has it, but I’m guessing he loves the city of New Orleans and wants to remain a part of it,”  Lone Butler, an actress and visitor to the cemetery, said.

Female fans have even started a tradition of kissing Cage’s tomb, leaving lipstick prints.

“I would not be a fan of kissing his tomb.  That’s a bit strange.  It makes me want to clean the tomb,”  Butler said.

Remaining a mystery has always been something that’s made Nicolas Cage iconic in life and eventual death.

“His tomb is going to allow for many conjectures and rumors, which contributes to the mystery of this amazing cemetery.  I think Nicolas Cage is contributing to the mythical state of St. Louis No. 1,” Florence said.

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