Travis Kelce vs. Jason Kelce: Lifestyle Showdown – Mansions, Cars, Net Worth Comparison

Travis Kelce vs. Jason Kelce: Lifestyle Showdown – Mansions, Cars, Net Worth Comparison

We have the dynamic duo of Nfl football.

Yeah, the Kelsey Brothers join us as we delve into the fascinating world of two of the League’s most successful players and discover their fascinating lifestyle, net worth and impressive assets.



So let’s go career first up, we have Travis Zeus Kelsey, the tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs.

This guy is not just a football player, he’s a force to be reckoned with.

He’s a four-time All-Pro and five-time pro bowler and has won two Nfl championships, making him one of the most impactful players in the league.

And let’s not forget about the doe he’s bringing in, because as of now, he’s one of the highest earning Titans in the Nfl.


And then there’s his big bro, Jason Daniel Kelsey, who is the center for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Now this guy is a Super Bowl champion, six-time Pro Bowl selection and four-time first-team All-Pro selection.

It’s safe to say that Talent runs in the family.

Jason was picked up by the Eagles in the sixth round of the 2011 Draft after playing college football at Cincinnati.

But what’s even cooler is that he’s the older brother of Travis Kelsey.

That’s right.

The Kelsey family is taking over the Nfl- one tight end and one Center at a time.

Net worth Brothers in the Nfl.




Yeah, sounds like a recipe for some serious sibling rivalry.

But for Travis Kelsey and Jason Kelsey it’s all love and support, even when they’re on opposite teams.

But The Ultimate Showdown came when their brothers faced off in the Super Bowl for the first time in 2023..

It was a historic matchup that had fans on the edge of their seats.

In the end, Travis and the Kansas City Chiefs came out on top, defeating Jason and the Philadelphia Eagles 38-35.

However, diving into the net worth of the Kelsey Brothers in 2023 is mind-blowing.

These football stars have been raking in the big bucks and we’ve got all the juicy details.

First up.

Travis Kelsey, this tight end, has been loyal to his team and it’s paid off big time.

With each contract he signed, his salary cap has doubled and now his net worth sits pretty at 20 million.


Yeah, That’s right, folks, we said it million.

Let’s break down how he got there.

Travis started his Nfl career with a modest four-year contract that earned him just over 3 million dollars, but as he proved himself on the field well, the Chiefs wanted to keep him around, so they did so with a six-year contract worth nearly 47 million dollars.

Yeah, That’s an average salary of almost 10 million dollars a year.

But hold on to your hats, because his most recent contract is where things really start to get crazy.

In 2022, Travis signed a four-year deal worth a whopping 57 million dollars, including a guaranteed sum of 22.75 million.

Yeah, that means in 2023 he’ll be taking home a base salary of over 11 million dollars, with bonuses bringing his total cash to over 12 million for the year.

And if you thought Travis’s net worth was impressive, well, wait until you hear about his brother, Jason Kelsey.


This Center has a net worth of 37.5 million dollars, thanks in part to his first ever career contract back in 2011..

That earned him just over 2 million dollars.

But Jason’s current contract is where he’s really making bank.

He’s currently the highest paid Center in the Nfl, with a one-year deal worth a fully guaranteed 14 million dollars.

That’s right, folks.

He’s making more in one year than most of us will make in our entire lives.

So what does 2023 have in store for Jason?

He’ll be taking home a base salary of 1.5 million, plus a roster bonus of 2.75 million dollars.

Not too shabby, huh?

It’s safe to say that the Kelsey brothers are doing just fine in the financial department, with net worth in the millions and contracts that would make most of us faint.





These football stars are truly living the dream mansions and when it comes to their homes, the Kelsey Brothers spare no expense.

Their matches are not just places to live, but rather works of art that showcase their impeccable taste and wealth.


Travis Kelsey’s custom estate in Briarcliff West Community is amazing.

This place is a sight for sore eyes with its 10 000 square foot expanse and stylish amenities.

The kitchen and dining space in the center of the main floor will make you want to whip up a five-course meal right away.

And don’t even get me started on the master suite, which it’s balcony and breathtaking views, the huge swimming pool and nearby gazebo provide the perfect outdoor space to relax and unwind.


But that’s not all folks.

Travis also owns a penthouse in Kansas City’s one light luxury high-rise building.

This 25-story Condo building is a paradise with its inbuilt Lounge theater, gym, swimming pools and Club.

It’s no wonder he rents the entire floor for a whopping 3 400 a month.

And let’s not forget about Jason Kelsey’s lavish home in Haverford, Pennsylvania.

This four bedroom house with modern amenities is spread out in a lush green vicinity that will make you feel like you’re on a permanent vacation.

It’s clear that Jason has worked hard to earn it all and he deserves every bit of luxury that comes his way.




Car collection Travis Kelsey is living the life of luxury and his car collection is no exception.


With high-end properties and some of the most lavish wheels that money can buy, it’s no wonder he’s caught the attention of his fans.

One of his prized possessions is his Aston Martin Vanquish, which he purchased back in 2014 for a cool three hundred thousand dollars.

This sleek and stylish ride is perfect for special events and appearances, and it’s a symbol of Kelsey’s success and love for luxury vehicles.

But Kelsey isn’t all about the flashy sports car.


He’s also got a Terrain Suv truck that he uses for free movement around the city, with an estimated value of twenty thousand dollars.

This bad boy is perfect for getting around town without drawing too much attention.


And let’s not forget about the Range Rover, a luxury Suv that’s designed to provide a smooth and spacious mode of transportation.

With its roomy interior and top tier amenities, this ride ensures that Kelsey can travel in both style and comfort, whether he’s heading to the game or cruising around town.

But the latest addition to Kelsey’s car collection is truly something special: a stunning Beauty worth a whopping 150 thousand dollars.

Of four Mercedes-Benz Amg G63, this car boasts incredible Speed and Performance that is sure to turn heads on any road.

Kelsey couldn’t resist adding the top of the line vehicle to his already impressive collection, and who can blame him?

Travis Kelsey isn’t the only Kelsey brother with a taste for luxury rides.

Jason Kelsey, also a football star, owns a stunning 1987 Chevy C10 that it’s the Envy of many car enthusiasts.

This classic ride has been meticulously maintained and upgraded over the years and it’s a true Testament to Jason’s love for cars.


While Travis may have his high-end sports cars and luxury Suv, Jason prefers to keep it old school with his vintage pickup truck.

But don’t be fooled by its age.

This C10 is a true beauty and it’s no wonder that Jason Takes such good care of it.

Love, love is a wild ride, just like catching a touchdown pass in the Super Bowl.

And for Eagles, tight end Jason Kelsey.

His journey to love started on Tinder.

Who says you can’t find true love on a dating app?

Huh, Jason’s white right on his now wife Kylie Mcdevitt, and the rest is history.

Two months after the Eagle’s Victorious Super Bowl win, Jason and Kylie tied the knot in Philly on April 14th 2018, and it seems they’ve been scoring off the field ever since.

The couple welcomed their first daughter, Wyatt Elizabeth, in 2019, followed by Elliot Ray in 2021, and the Kelsey Squad has gotten even bigger as Jason Kelsey and his wife Kylie announced on Instagram, February 24th, the arrival of their third child, a baby girl.


The Kelsey ladies are already big football fans and they’re not afraid to show it.

After a playoff win, Jason caught his toddler daughter Wyatt singing the Eagles fight song from her crib.

How cute is that?

While Jason is busy being a loving husband and father, his brother, Travis, has been on a slightly different journey.

In 2016, Travis started his own reality dating show catching Kelsey, where he met 50 women from all over the United States.

It wasn’t exactly a touchdown in the romance department, but Travis did make six figures in two weeks, so it wasn’t a total loss.

Despite his dating show, Miss Adventures, Travis has had some success in the Love Department.

He dated model and influencer Kayla Nicole on and off for about five years, but they ultimately decided to split for good in 2022.

Travis is a free agent in the dating world, but he’s focusing on his football career for now.


No matter what their personal lives may bring, the Kelsey Brothers will always have each other and their love for football, and with Jason’s growing family and Travis’s potential for her future fatherhood, it looks like the Kelsey Legacy is in good hands.

Endorsements: Travis: Kelsey isn’t just a star on the football field.

He’s also building an empire off of it with a laundry list of endorsements and brand deals, including big names like Nike, Amazon and McDonald’s.

It’s safe to say that Kelsey’s name is on everybody’s lips, but it doesn’t stop there.

Kelsey has also launched his own line of products, including Kelsey Crunch, cereal, Hilo, gummies, True Colors, clothing and even his own show catching Kelsey.

And if that wasn’t enough, he’s also investing in other brands like Kodiak and Cholula hot sauce to make sure that his business portfolio is as diverse as his talent is on the field.


But let’s not forget about his brother, Jason Kelsey, who has also made a name for himself.

Outside of football, he’s been a brand ambassador for Old Spice, proving that he smells as good as he looks on the field.

He’s also co-hosting a popular podcast with Travis called New Heights and has even launched his own apparel line under Dog apparel.


Philanthropy looks like the Kelsey brothers are taking the World by storm, both on and off the field.

The Kelsey Builders are not just athletic Giants on the field, but they also have hearts of gold off the field.

These two have a knack for giving back to the community that has supported them throughout their careers, and they do it in a big way.

Travis Kelsey set up 87 and running back in 2015, and this Foundation isn’t just any other run-of-the-mill charity.

No, no sir, it’s all about helping underserved youth develop life skills, and he does it through stem labs and educational projects.


The man knows how to give back and make a real impact on young lives.

Jason Kelsey wasn’t going to be left behind in the charity game, so he established his own Foundation- be Philly in 2022.

And he’s not just focused on helping any youth.

No, no sir, he’s all about his hometown Philadelphia, and it’s a youth.

Jason knows that Philly is an incredible City, but it can always be better, and he is dedicated to making it happen.

With a heart as big as his muscles, he’s committed to providing the Next Generation with the resources and opportunities they need to succeed.

So not only are these brothers at the top of their game on the field, but they’re also using their celebrity to do good and make a difference in their communities.

It’s no wonder they’re so beloved by so many.

The Kelsey brothers are the ultimate MVPs, both on and off the field.

Conclusion: so, friends, it’s clear that the Kelsey brothers are not only dominating the Gridiron, but also living their best lives off the field with their impressive net worth, luxury car collection and lavish Mansions.

It’s safe to say they’re living like kings, but the debate is on and we want to know your thoughts.

Leave your comments below and let’s settle this once and for all in this Kelsey versus Kelsey Gridiron Lifestyle Showdown.

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