What’s interesting about Nicolas Cage’s diet is that only requires Eating Animals That Engage in ‘Dignified S-x’

Nicolas Cage is very fascinated with animals; from having a lizard tattoo to owning a pet octopus, he has done it all. Read on to know.

When Nicolas Cage Revealed His Diet Strictly Depended On The Way Animals Have S*x & His Aversion To The Pig Meat: "I Have A Fascination..."Nicolas Cage Once Fessed Up About His Food Habit Of Conditioned Animal Meat ( Photo Credit – Wikimedia )
Celebrities are known to be very health conscious; the number of calories they consume or the kind of food they have are always very nutritious in order to maintain themselves but have you ever heard people having food preferences over how animals have s*x? Well, veteran Hollywood actor Nicolas Cage does; apparently, he once shared this weird lifestyle choice of his and owing to that, he does not consume pig or pork. Scroll to get the deets.

Cage is a renowned actor in Hollywood with many renowned works to his credit who began his career in 1981 and is still going strong in the film industry. He is all charged up and gearing for his upcoming film, The Retirement Plan’s release who clearly has no plan of retiring any time soon.

According to the Sun, Nicolas Cage is more fond of fish and poultry in his diet, along with whale insects, but pig meat is a complete no-no for him. He told the media outlet, “I have a fascination with fish, birds, whales – sentient life – insects, reptiles.” After that, he revealed that he chooses his animal diet on the way how they have s*x, which has to be in a dignified way.

Nicolas Cage fessed up and said, “I actually choose the way I eat according to the way animals have sex. I think fish are very dignified with sex. So are birds.” The Reinfield actor continued, “But pigs, not so much. So I don’t eat pig meat or things like that. I eat fish and fowl.”

The actor has a certain kind of fascination towards animals, as he once even ate a cockroach for one of his movie roles. Besides that, he even has a tattoo of a lizard on him and has owned a pet octopus. Once while filming in the UK he bought a snake with two heads to protect it from being exploited, and he later donated it to a zoo.

Nicolas Cage was last in the role of Count Dracula in Reinfield, and his upcoming film, The Retirement Plan, is expected to release this year only.

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