When talking about horror movies, we can’t help but mention Nicolas Cage, let’s see how he dominated horror movies for 6 years?

Nicolas Cage’s upcoming post-apocalyptic monster movie continues his low-key domination in the horror genre that has lasted for nearly six years.

Nicolas Cage New Monster Movie Dominating HorrorCustom image by Simone Ashmoore


 Nicolas Cage has successfully transitioned into the horror genre, receiving high praise for his unhinged performances.
 Cage’s recent horror films, including Mandy and Willy’s Wonderland , have ranked among his highest-rated recent works.

 Cage’s upcoming projects, such as Arcadian and Longlegs , showcase his versatility and commitment to the horror genre.

With six years’ worth of relatively understated but outrageously fun performances in the genre and a new monster movie releasing very soon, Nicolas Cage has been quite unexpectedly dominating in horror on the low. Cage’s enthralling horror streak roughly began with his 2018 role in the fantasy horror Mandy. Fending off Mandy’s demonic biker gang and sadistic cultists was a far step away from the exploits of Cage’s previous character roles, such as National Treasure’s Benjamin Franklin Gates or Kick-Ass’ Big Daddy, though Cage was well received nonetheless, with reviews applauding the actor for his unhinged and beautifully crafted performance.

Cage then starred in the 2021 mystery Pig, and he got so much buzz for it that it distracted audiences from the entertaining horror performances he appeared in that very year. People often forget Cage’s animatronic horror Willy’s Wonderland, which burgeoned into a cult classic, and his wild film Prisoners of the Ghostland, commended for its experimental horror approach. Most recently, Cage starred in the audience hit Renfield and the revered horror-leaning comedy Dream Scenario – however, his genre streak is nowhere near done, as he’s leading not one but two new horror movies that’ll also attest to his understated domination.

Nicolas Cage has appeared in a string of horror movies, but which of the Prisoners of The Ghostland star’s spooky efforts are worth watching?

Arcadian Further Proves That Nicolas Cage Has Become A Great Horror Actor

Nicolas Cage walking next to a house in ArcadianNicolas Cage lying on a tree while looking up at the sky in Arcadian trailerNicolas Cage's Paul looking into the distance with his son in the background in ArcadianMaxwell Jenkins as Thomas in Arcadian
Nicolas Cage's Paul sitting in dining room chair in Arcadian

Arcadian is a sci-fi thriller film by director Benjamin Brewer and released in 2024. Set after the events of a near-world ending event, Arcadian follows Paul and his twin sons as they battle against unseen forces from beyond the stars that look to destroy anything they lay eyes on.

Notably, since MandyCage’s horror movies have ranked among the highest-rated projects of his recent career, according to either critics or audiences. Discounting obvious crowd-pleasers like DreamWorks’ The Croods: A New Age and the satirical action-comedy The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent that self-mocks his own career, Cage’s Rotten Tomatoes movie ratings show beyond a doubt that he’s established himself as a dependable, if not great, horror actor. Further venturing into the genre with the upcoming post-apocalyptic monster movie titled Arcadian confirms that Cage’s horror relevancy will continue strongly.

Arcadian’s thrilling trailer reveals Cage’s lead character, Paul, will desperately attempt to protect his twin teenage sons from brutal post-apocalyptic monsters. Cage appears to take on the part a lot more earnestly than the bulk of his previous horror roles, distinguished by their mindfully exaggerated characters among more niche horror storylines. Arcadian showcases Cage’s versatility as a horror actor as well as his ability to lead distinctly different horror films that are equally entertaining.

Nicolas Cage’s Other 2024 Movie Is Also A Horror Movie

Woman looking at papers with weird symbol strewn over a wall in Longlegs

Longlegs is a horror thriller film by writer-director Osgood Perkins. When FBI agent Lee Harker is assigned to a serial killer cold case, their investigation leads them down a rabbit hole riddled with disturbing discoveries and the occult at the center of it all. When the trail of evidence reveals a personal connection, it becomes a race against time to prevent another murder.

Cage’s very next role following Arcadian will also lean into the genre, as he is locked in to act in Oz Perkins’ horror thriller Longlegs. Perkins is no stranger to the genre, directing horror films such as The Blackcoat’s Daughter (2015), Netflix’s I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House (2016), and an episode of the updated version of the classic fantasy horror anthology The Twilight Zone. Among Longlegs’ cast and crew will be horror smash hit It Follows actress Maika Monroe and Urban Legend actress Alicia Witt.

Cage will not only join the Longlegs cast but is credited as one of its producers, further demonstrating his impressive venture into the genre. The actor partly produced or executive produced all of his recent horror projects, besides Renfield, which could indicate that he’s set his sights and interests in pursuing the genre well into the future. Nicolas Cage has already become an icon in numerous cinematic genres, so it wouldn’t be inconceivable that the renowned actor would forge a more prominent place in horror.

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