Why Did Hugh Grant Fear that Julia Roberts Might Hate Him After THIS?

Although Julia Roberts is an Oscar-winning actress, her reputation as a compelling kisser is questionable, at least in Hugh Grant’s opinion. The British actor partnered with Roberts in the 1999 sensation, “Notting Hill”, a romance that became a high-grossing film in Britain. Despite the applaudable on-screen chemistry that earned the film its success, their camaraderie off-screen was less than assetable.

Shockingly, Grant, who effortlessly portrayed the charming lead, William Thacker, wasn’t as mutual with the leading lady outside the cinematic realm.

His open critique of Roberts’s seemingly oversized mouth seemed to create a palpable unease between the two. He even confessed on “Watch What Happens Live” to have made numerous jabs about his co-star, saying, “I’ve probably made too many jokes about the size of her mouth. She might hate me by now.”

When Julia Roberts Was Called 'Very Big-Mouthed' By Hugh Grant Adding,  "When I Was Kissing Her I Was Aware Of A Faint Echo" Causing A Rift Between  Them

The discourse began in 2004 when Grant started making these cheeky remarks. He mocked the size of Roberts’s mouth on an episode of the “Oprah Winfrey Show,” stating it played a significant part in their less than enjoyable kissing scenes.

He also remarked candidly against Winfrey’s praising of Roberts, saying he “wouldn’t go that far.”

The rift, however, seems to have since resolved, with Roberts stating later in 2005 that she found it amusing to work with Grant. She admitted, “He’s forgiven now,” suggesting that the actress held no grudge against her co-star over his unkind remarks.

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