Would Nick Cannon REMARRY Mariah Carey? He Says… (Exclusive)

Nick Cannon Returns with “Big Drive”: A Candid Conversation About Fatherhood, Cars, and Life’s Journeys

Nick Cannon, the multifaceted entertainer known for his wit, charisma, and prolific career, is back with a brand new show on Tubi titled “Nick Cannon’s Big Drive.” In a recent interview, Cannon opened up about the inspiration behind the show, his experiences as a father of 12, and his love for cars.

The conversation kicked off with a lighthearted yet relatable question about fatherhood: How many diapers does he change in a week? Cannon, with his characteristic humor, joked about being a “diaper expert” and mastering the art of changing diapers with one hand. This glimpse into his life as a father sets the tone for the candid and down-to-earth discussion that follows.

Transitioning to the topic of cars, Cannon shared his affinity for vehicles and the significance they hold in his life. From his days working in a mechanic shop to his love for his monster truck, Cannon’s passion for cars runs deep. This passion is reflected in his new show, “Big Drive,” where he takes Hollywood’s finest on exhilarating ride-alongs, exploring not just the thrill of driving but also the deeper meaning behind what drives individuals in their lives.

Would Nick Cannon REMARRY Mariah Carey? He Says... (Exclusive) | E! News

The conversation took an unexpected turn when the interviewer playfully hinted at Cannon’s romantic life, specifically mentioning his ex-wife Mariah Carey. Cannon’s response was candid yet light-hearted, expressing openness to the idea of remarriage while also acknowledging the complexities of relationships. His willingness to engage in such discussions with humor and authenticity endears him to audiences and underscores his relatability as a celebrity.

Throughout the interview, Cannon’s genuine enthusiasm for his new show and his passion for life shine through. Whether discussing fatherhood, cars, or relationships, he exudes a sense of authenticity and relatability that resonates with viewers. His ability to seamlessly navigate between topics, from the joys of parenting to the excitement of driving, reflects his versatility as an entertainer and storyteller.

As “Nick Cannon’s Big Drive” gears up for its premiere on February 15th, audiences can expect a unique blend of entertainment, inspiration, and insight. With Cannon at the helm, the show promises to take viewers on a journey of discovery, exploring the intersection of passion, purpose, and the open road.

In summary, Nick Cannon’s return to the spotlight with “Big Drive” marks not only a new chapter in his career but also a celebration of life’s journeys, both on and off the road. As he continues to entertain, inspire, and connect with audiences, Cannon reaffirms his status as one of Hollywood’s most dynamic and beloved personalities.


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