American Legend Name-Drops Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal to Underline Rapid Change in Tennis’ Culture

When it comes to greatness in tennis, Roger Ferderer is a name that would certainly stand out on top. Throughout his years as a professional tennis player, he not only stunned everyone but also brought a unique touch to a game with his one-handed backhand. In an era that was majorly dominated by his rivals Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic‘s 2 handed backhands, Federer changed the dynamics of the game.

Reflecting on the same, Jimmy Connors, in a recent podcast came ahead and went down the tennis line while revealing how one-handed backhand players brought more fun and excitement to the game.

Jimmy Connors revealed how Roger Federer’s one-handed backhand brought more fun in an era dominated by his rival’s two-handed backhands

In a tennis world that is highly dominated by two-handed backhands, Roger Federer’s one-handed backhand is a mesmerizing nod to tradition. In a recent podcast, Brett Connors came ahead and appreciated its “cool” and “classic” appeal. On the other hand, Jimmy Connors suggested that it was “beautiful to watch.”

“There’s something really pretty about the one hander, you know, like when when, when they just load up and they extend and they’re kind of like, you know, their arms are spread apart and the chest goes out like if in front of their body they put throw everything into it. It’s a it’s kind of cool looking. It feels like kind of like classic like old school, you know what I mean?” said Brett while talking about the unique style that one-handed backhand players brought into the game.

Jimmy Connors then went ahead and broke down the timeline. He suggested from the time when there were Gonzalez and Segura, to his generation and then Federer once, he suggested that everyone almost played the same game which brought more fun to the game and made everyone enjoy it.

“It’s beautiful to watch. And that and that’s what makes tennis so exciting. Because if you look at the guys, you know, starting, you know, way back with the, you know, Gonzalez and Segura and, you know, leading up to my generation, and then you know, Edberg and Becker and Sampras and Courier and then the Federer generation now, that’s what makes tennis so exciting that that if everybody played the same, it’s still fun,” said Jimmy Connors.

As tennis evolved through different eras, he suggested that Federer’s style brought a timeless elegance to the game. Amidst the dominance of Nadal and Djokovic’s two-handed backhands, Federer’s unique approach not only stood out but also added excitement and diversity. The clash of styles among these tennis giants with different backhand techniques has created unforgettable rivalries.

“And I think, you know, with the one handed backhand Federer and a one I had a back end, Djokovic has a two and a back end. Nadal has a two and a back end. You know. So that made for pretty good rivalries,” Connors concluded.

showcasing the enduring charm of Federer’s one-handed backhand in a landscape dominated by two-handed counterparts. In a sport where everyone doesn’t play the same, Federer’s unique flair continues to make tennis thrilling and unpredictable.

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