Patrick Mahomes Hopes to Avoid 4.8-Second Embarrassment as Chiefs QB Issues Hilarious Request to NFL Network

Patrick Mahomes’ agility has been the talk of the town, especially in Super Bowl LVIII. It has become the center of attention, this time during the offseason. As a result, the Kansas City Chiefs QB had to chime in on the subject, making a request to the league.

The annual NFL Scouting Combine is on, allowing newcomers to show their skills. However, this event has also allowed fans to revisit their favorite player’s scouting days. The latest figure to be hailed is Patrick Mahomes, who just wishes to avoid his 2017 embarrassment.

Patrick Mahomes’ 40-yard dash is still a delight to watch!

QB Patrick Mahomes has a hilarious response to the circulated videos of his scouting days. In this video, Mahomes ran a 40-yard dash in 4.80 seconds, which is not considered a remarkable time by the quarterback. Therefore, he has a hilarious request to the NFL during the Scouting Combine days.

The 28-year-old quarterback tweeted this on his official X account, “As the combine starts this week! All i ask is that @nflnetwork doesn’t use my 40 overlay anymore” with three laughing emojis. The Mahomes running video gained attention when it was used to compare Desmond Ridder, the potential quarterback of the Atlanta Falcons.

The QB from the University of Cincinnati has become this year’s fastest entrant at 4.52 seconds. Ridder’s 40-yard dash is 0.28 seconds faster than Mahomes.

However, he is not the only one whose running record has been faster than the 3x Super Bowl champion. In his 2017 class, Mahomes had six players ahead of him. Let’s take a look at it!

Who were the Top 6 ahead of Patrick Mahomes?

In his 2017 40-yard dash scouting class, Patrick Mahomes stood at rank 7 with 4.80 seconds. On the top was Trevor Knight with 4.54 seconds, Josh Dobbs with 4.64 seconds, and Deshaun Watson with 4.66 seconds.

At No. 4, it was Mitchell Trubisky with 4.67 seconds; Davis Webb came fifth with 4.79 seconds; and Jerod Evans, like Patrick, secured the sixth place with 4.80 seconds. After Mahomes, the eighth rank was held by Nathan Peterman, who was close to the Chiefs QB, securing 4.81 seconds.

Nevertheless, Patrick Mahomes’ relatively slower 40-yard dash time didn’t pose any obstacle in his journey to becoming one of the top quarterbacks in the league.

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