Selected 1,120 Overall in MLB Draft, Patrick Mahomes’ Signed Baseball Being Auctioned for Peanuts, it’s actually crazy for what it could possibly be worth.

Let’s go way back to 2013. Patrick Mahomes was an upcoming two-sport prodigy. He still hadn’t decided whether he would pick baseball or football as a career. Many naturally assumed that he would go down the baseball path since his father was an ace player. But of course, we now know that he chose football. And we’re so glad he did. Likely, he wouldn’t have shined at baseball as much as he is in football.

Considering it’s Mahomes, anything attached to him should rake in a lot of money in auction. And now a special memorabilia has surfaced online that is up for grabs.

Patrick Mahomes’ signed baseball finds few takes

A signed baseball bearing Patrick Mahomes’ signature recently surfaced at a thrift store in Rockwall, Texas. Now, this prized possession is up for grabs in the Lelands 2024 Winter Classic Auction. The baseball dates back to Mahomes’ senior year at Whitehouse Wildcats High School in 2013.

It was actually discovered just two days after Mahomes and the Chiefs clinched Super Bowl LVIII. It features Mahomes’ autograph, alongside inscriptions from six Whitehouse baseball players, including the iconic “#5” penned in black. With a starting bid of $2,500, it’s actually crazy for what it could possibly be worth. And so far, there’s only one bid for the baseball.

Mahomes may have been the Chiefs’ first pick, and tenth overall, but at the MLB Draft his prospects were bleaker.

Mahomes failed to shine at his father’s sport

Back in his high school days at Whitehouse High School in Texas, Mahomes was a true triple-threat athlete, juggling baseball, football, and basketball like a pro. But he didn’t particularly shine at baseball. The Detroit Tigers even picked him up in the 37th round, and 1,120th overall, of the 2014 MLB Draft.

Despite the Tigers’ offer, Mahomes decided to take his talents to Texas Tech, where he continued to excel in both football and baseball. During his senior year, he showcased his incredible talent as a quarterback, throwing for an impressive 4,619 passing yards and rushing for 958 yards. And get this—he tossed a whopping 50 passing touchdowns! With numbers like that, it’s no wonder he caught the eye of Texas Tech.

Although he didn’t stick with baseball for long, his incredible journey eventually led him to football superstardom. And the rest is history. He clinched his third Super Bowl MVP title on February 12.

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