Stan Wawrinka’s Surprising Influence on Mark Wahlberg’s Uber-Cool Possession Disclosed in a Gripping Tale

Watch companies often sponsor Tennis players as it helps improve the popularity of their brands. Stan Wawrinka is a player who has received many sponsorship offers from pristine watchmakers. The watch he was provided became an instant hit as one can see its influence reaching Hollywood. Wawrinka inspired a star who prioritizes fitness to don the same watch as him.

Carlos Alcaraz, Novak Djokovic, and Roger Federer are some stars who have been in the news for their choice of watches. Now, it is Wawrinka’s time to shine.

Stan Wawrinka inspires Marky Mark to don the same timepiece

Wawrinka has played in four Grand Slam finals and won three. He has also ranked number 3 and has played in the top 10 for five years consecutively. His accomplishments have inspired a huge fan following and have even inspired Mark Wahlberg to don the same watch. Wahlberg recently appeared in the Late Show with Stephen Colbert donning the Norqain Wild One Skeleton Turquoise watch.

Time Tide Watches spoke to Norqain and found out that the watch found its way onto Wahlberg’s wrist after he saw Wawrinka wearing it during a match. He developed a liking for the style and color of the watch and reached out to the Swiss player to ask about the watch. Since then, he has been seen wearing the watch quite a bit. With the watch being a great fit for athletes, Wahlberg, who is a fitness freak, wears it often.

As per Time Tide, the watch could be appealing because it is 6 times lighter than steel and 3.5 times lighter than Titanium. However, it is more shock-resistant than watches made of these materials. The watch is sold at $5,790, which makes it easily purchasable for both stars. Tennis stars are known for their love of watches, and Wawrinka has jumped on the bandwagon as well.

Other tennis stars who drew attention with their watches

Novak Djokovic, the most accomplished ATP star, has a watch collection that would surprise many. From Seiko to Hublot to Audemars Piguet, Djokovic has been sponsored by many watch companies and has worn many of their watches in matches. One of his most pristine watches is a 42mm Big Bang Integrated Green Ceramic, worth $32,000, which he wore for the 2023 Wimbledon final.

In the same final, his opponent, Carlos Alcaraz, was also seen wearing a shining timepiece during the trophy ceremony. He wore the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona ‘Meteorite’ 116518LN in 18k yellow gold, which is a discontinued watch.

Aside from them, Roger Federer is also known for his expensive watches, with his newest watch being flaunted at the Met Gala. The three stars are the leading figures in tennis stars with watch collections. Now, Wawrinka has joined the bandwagon as well.

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