Rafael Nadal’s Historic French Open Feat Towers Over Novak Djokovic in an Astounding Claim on His Tennis Legacy

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With his 2023 US Open triumph, Novak Djokovic has now etched his name at the top of the Grand Slam tally on the men’s tour. Even though he now holds the most major titles (24), the Serbian tennis star might never be able to replicate a feat that has been pulled off by his arch-rival Rafael Nadal, according to a renowned sports journalist and biographer’s recent disclosures.

Christopher Clarey recently hailed Nadal, aka ‘the King of the Clay’, for his remarkable on-court accolades at the Roland Garros. Meanwhile, the tennis journalist also opened up about how he believes that Nadal’s clay legacy is something that is impossible to emulate for his Serbian colleague, Djokovic.

With his sheer brilliance, tenacity, and dedication on the court, the 37-year-old player has amassed a record fourteen French Open titles during the illustrious journey. Notably, in the latest episode of Match Point Canada podcast show, Clarey said, “But to me, you know Rafa’s achievement that will live on you know, probably till the end of our lives for sure is going to be 14 French opens. I mean, I just think it’s a phenomenal stat. I mean, Novak isn’t far away with 10 Aussie Opens but you saw this year didn’t work out for him.”

As he drew parallels between two tennis ‘GOATs,’ Clarey also asserted that Djokovic cannot replicate a similar feat at the Australian Open, where he previously failed to clinch his 11th title this season. He said, “I don’t think he’s gonna get to 14 in Australia. I just think it’s when we talk about Nadal, we’re gonna think clay and we’re gonna think 14 French’s for a long, long time.”

Not just Clarey, but Nadal’s French Open legacy is considered ‘one of the greatest achievements’ in the racket game by many in the tennis community, including Roger Federer.

Rafael Nadal’s clay court titles hold a phenomenal record on the tour

While having the most Roland Garros titles under his belt, the Spanish player also has a 112–3 record at the clay court Grand Slam event. Notably, Federer previously labeled Nadal’s clay legacy as one of the greatest achievements not just in the history of the racket game but in all sports.
In a Twitter Q&A, the Swiss maestro was asked if he would miss Nadal at the 2023 French Open as the Spaniard was away from any competitive games owing to his injury woes. Federer said, “yes I will miss seeing him play. French Open +@RafaelNadal = one of the most incredible records in history of all sports.”
What do you think of the recent bold assertion about the Spanish tennis great’s clay legacy? Let us know in the comments section.

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