Patrick Mahomes’ Half-Sister Shatters Social Norms as She ‘Dominates’ Boys in Soccer With a Message

Who said girls can’t play better soccer than boys? Zoe Mahomes is living proof that when it comes to soccer, girls can be as good as boys. Most of the Mahomes family is into sports. Patrick Mahomes, as we know, is arguably the best QB of his generation. His Dad, Pat Mahomes Sr. was an ace baseball player. His wife, Brittany, was a former soccer star. And Mahomes’ half-sister, Mia, is mostly into basketball.

Continuing the sports legacy, young Zoe is slowly coming up in the soccer world. And a recent video shared on her Instagram highlights her goal of busting gender stereotypes.

Zoe Mahomes takes part in an ad campaign

Soccer Innovations, a company that provides professional-grade soccer training equipment at an affordable price, produced the reel. The reel started off with a shot of Jenna Aunan and Zoe Mahomes with the caption “Girls can’t compete against boys”. Then it goes on to show clips of Zoe dominating boys on the field, as she maneuvers the ball past them and straight into the goalpost.

The reel was captioned, “It’s the last shot for me 🫳🎤Watch out boys! Girls are not to be underestimated.” Users poured in with positive reactions in the comments section. @hi.kaikai said, “Yassss! Oh yes they can! 🔥 Great Job! 👑”. @evelynraytwirls said, “🙌🙌🙌🔥 yes we can!!”

Zoe was hardly to be seen in the Super Bowl pictures of the Mahomes family. Last we saw her, she was posing with Taylor Swift way back in October.

Zoe Mahomes gets her first experience of the Taylor Swift phenomenon

After the Chiefs secured a solid victory with a 31-17 win over the Chargers, celebrations were definitely in order! @swifferupdates took to X to share a glimpse of the post-game festivities. While the exact location of the party remains undisclosed, speculation suggests it might have taken place at Patrick Mahomes’ residence in Kansas City.

In the snapshot, Taylor Swift can be seen striking a pose alongside Zoe, Patrick Mahomes’ half-sister, and her friend Jenna Kate Aunan, both proudly donning Mahomes’ iconic #15 jersey. The post was captioned, “📸| Taylor with @PatrickMahomes’ half-sister Zoe and her friend!”.


Taylor Swift herself sported a Chiefs jersey paired with a stylish black mini-skirt, exuding both team spirit and fashion flair. Earlier during the game, a video clip of her enjoying the moment with Brittany Mahomes while cradling baby Bronze went viral. It appears that Taylor is gradually becoming acquainted with various members of the Mahomes family.

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