Patrick Mahomes Remembers Charles Barkley’s Super Bowl Stance as Chiefs QB Scouts NBA Great’s Next Pick

Patrick Mahomes gave a playful, fitting reply to former basketball power forward Charles Barkley. During the final few games of the 2023 season, Barkley wished for the Kansas City Chiefs to lose the playoffs and, ultimately, Super Bowl LVIII.

However, nothing like this happened, and Mahomes’ team bagged the Lombardi trophy again for consecutive years. Now, Mahomes is back with a reply to Barkley’s picks for the Red team.

Patrick Mahomes is up for a joke once again?

Patrick Mahomes and his team had several ups and downs this past season. With continuous downfalls after their Bye Week, it was speculated that this time they aren’t prepared well-enough for the Super Bowl, and was also referred to as “underdogs.” However, they turned the tide, and making it through the playoffs, they won the Super Bowl consecutively.

During their playoffs, many predicted that they would lose somewhere in the season. Among their haters, one was Charles Barkley, who predicted their victory. But now, the 28-year-old quarterback has returned with a reply after winning the Lombardi trophy. He tweeted on his official X account, writing, “Watching @NBAonTNT and trying to see if my man Charles is going to pick against the chiefs again in the next round!” with three laughing emojis.

In his tweet, the QB also tagged the NBA on TNT host Adam Lefkoe. Now Mahomes wants Charles Barkley to predict for him and his team again in the next round of the upcoming season.

What did Charles Barkley say about Patrick Mahomes?

After commenting on Patrick Mahomes’ “underwear tradition,” Charles Barkley was back with his hatred for the QB and his team for the second time. The backdrop story is that Barkley made predictions about the Chiefs losing in the AFC Divisional round and the AFC Championship, but the Chiefs proved him wrong by winning both games. Then again, when the Red Army headed towards the Super Bowl LVIII, Barkley stuck to his prediction, choosing the San Francisco 49ers despite being wrong in the previous games.

The former power forward said, “I have bet against Patrick Mahomes two games in a row. I thought they would lose to Buffalo. I thought they would lose to Baltimore. But let me tell you something, I am undaunted! I’m going with the San Francisco 49ers.” He expressed a desire for the Niners left tackle Trent Williams to win a ring, considering him a great player who, like Barkley himself, hasn’t won a championship.

Despite Barkley never winning an NBA title in his career, he remained undeterred in his Super Bowl pick. However, now Mahomes wants Charles Barkley to predict for him and his team again in the next round of the upcoming season, indicating that his predictions against them brings good luck for the Red Team.

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